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    Thalia, Phineas and ???

    A friend just had her third child, and her son remains nameless. I though you guys could help her, and I'll email the replies to her as she's very busy as you can imagine and she wants outside opinions. She has a daughter Thalia Grace, son Phineas James and the new baby is a boy. middle name will be Lucien meaning light as this is their rainbow baby.

    So far they've narrowed it down to these names.
    Alistair Lucien
    Arthur Lucien
    Henry Lucien
    Noah Lucien

    Any ideas, or things we've missed. Thanks

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    I think Alistair is the best fit with Thalia and Phineas, but Alistair Lucien reads a bit like the villain in a novel about witches and warlocks. Phineas and Henry have too many similar sounds, so I would go with Arthur or Noah.
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    I like Thalia and Phineas with Arthur!
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    Arthur, definitely.
    I love the names of the older siblings by the way and I think they'd sound amazing with Arthur.
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    Arthur Lucien is great on its own and when paired with Phineas and Thalia. Henry would be my second pick.
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