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    That's so funny that you're husband is a Charles Joseph IV, because I know one too!

    Now, onto the question: No, I don't think that your potential daughter would feel left out - especially if she has a family name for her middle name. I'm from the southern US, and I know TONS of boys that are IVs, Vs, etc. and none of their siblings feel left out - here, it's considered a family tradition just like giving the child a family middle name.
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    I would continue tradition. Siblings will not feel left out because the first boy was a fifth.

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    I wouldn't continue the tradition, but not because a future daughter might feel left out. My ex is a IV, and it's amazing the number of things from his dad and even his grandfather that shows up on his credit report or in background checks. They would get each other's mail despite living nowhere near each other. The whole thing is very confusing in this modern age of electronic records. We agreed immediately that if our child was a boy, he would not be a V. Thankfully, she was a girl, so it wasn't even an issue.

    That said, if your first child were a girl, I think that Caroline would be a lovely way to honor all of the Charleses without running into the problems described above.
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    My brother is a jr. Being a guy, like most other men, he could care less about names. He likes his name. He has no problem sharing it with my father. I on the other hand, have an original name. I am not jealous of not being a lady-jr.

    Therefore, I think if your son is named after your husband and your daughter has an original name, they will both be perfectly fine.

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    When it came to naming our son, and now our daughter (March 2013) my husband and I decided it was best for us to be completely original. (my mother is one of 6, my father one of 5... My father-in-law one of 8, and my mother-in-law one of 5) with such a large family, taking into consideration only first names of aunts uncles cousins and second cousins, was a big task for us. Instead of potentially hurting someones feelings for not naming the baby after someone in particular; it almost became a game to find names that not only fit with our very long very Polish last name but also that we liked. But as a previous poster stated that was a personal choice. We've gotten some grief from family members (especially older more traditional ones) about doing it this way but ultimately when my son was didn't matter!! They adored him anyway . In conclusion, follow your heart and the rest will fall into place!

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