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    DH: Arthur Bryan Finton.
    DW: Cecelia Dorothy Finton (Garald).
    - DD: Eleanora Faith Finton.
    - DS: Gabriel Harrison Finton.
    - DS: Isaac Jonathan Finton.
    - DD: Kaitlin Lucia Finton.
    - DD/DD: Maisie Nora Finton & Melody Naomi Finton.
    - DS: Olivier Peter Finton.
    - ADD/ADD/ADS: Millie-Rose Mary Finton, Daisy-Leigh Laura Finton, & Caleb-Jay Daniel Finton.


    DH: Theodore James Knowles.
    DW: Eleanora Faith Knowles (Finton).
    - DS: Spencer George Knowles.
    - DD: Victoria Alice Knowles.
    - DS: Aiden Stephen Knowles.
    - DD: Ivy Samantha Knowles.

    DH: Gabriel Harrison Finton.
    DW: Kimberly Helen Finton (Côte).
    - DD: Isabelle Marie Finton.
    - DS: Terence Louis Finton.
    - DD: Emma Caroline Finton.
    - DD: Charlotte Faith Finton.
    - DD: Bianca Anne Finton.
    - DD: Ava Gabrielle Finton.

    DH: Isaac Jonathan Finton.
    DW: Lillian Elise Finton (Cambridge).
    - DS: Max Thomas Finton.
    - DS: Ben Charles Finton.

    DH: Christopher August Roosevelt.
    DW: Kaitlin Lucia Roosevelt (Finton).
    - DD: Cassandra Sky Roosevelt.
    - DS: Eric Mitchell Roosevelt.
    - DD: Violet Eleanor Roosevelt.
    - DD: Lily Beatrice Roosevelt.
    - DS: Tristan Lewis Roosevelt.

    DH: Brandon Roy Strong.
    DW: Maisie Nora Strong (Finton).
    - DD: Lila Veronica Strong.
    - DD: Kate Noelle Strong.
    - DD: Ruby Elizabeth Strong.

    DH: Joshua Hugh French.
    DW: Melody Naomi French (Finton).
    - DD: Lavender June French.

    DH: Olivier Peter Finton.
    DW: Leslie Susan Finton (Ellington).
    - DD: Samantha Maeve Finton.
    - DS: Devlin Franklin Finton.

    DH: Steven Edmond Halliwell.
    DW: Millie-Rose Mary Halliwell (Finton).
    - DD: Matilda Ellen Halliwell.
    - DS: Jasper Lev Halliwell.
    - DD: Iris Bethany Halliwell.
    - DS: Declan Jude Halliwell.

    DH: Harry Joseph Brandeis.
    DW: Daisy-Leigh Laura Brandeis (Finton).
    - DD: Carolina Hope Brandeis.

    DH: Caleb-Jay Daniel Finton.
    DW: Jennifer Imogen Finton (Carter).
    - DD: Scarlett Rose Finton.
    - DD: Summer Pearl Finton.
    - DD: Sadie Louise Finton.

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    DH(42): Alec Bryan Hastings
    DW(38): Carly Delilah

    DD1(16): Emersyn Faith Hastings "Emmy"
    DS1(12): Gabriel Henry Hastings "Gabe"
    DS2(9): Isaac Jonathan Hastings
    DD2(7): Kallie Lena Hastings
    DD3/DD4(5): Maya Noelle Hastings & Molly Nadia Hastings
    DS3 (3): Olivier Parker Hastings "Park"
    ADD5/ADD6/ADS4(2): Lillie-Rae Ava Hastings & Lola-Ann Ashley Hastings & Caleb-Jay Jospeh Hastings

    Alec and Carly with Emmy, Gabe, Isaac, Kallie, Maya, Molly, Park, Lillie-Rae, Lola-Ann & Caleb-Jay

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    DH: Arden Bartholomew (42)
    DW: Calia Dorothy (38)

    DD1:Ebony Fawn (16)
    DS1:Gregor Harrison (12)
    DS2:Isaiah Julius (9)
    DD2:Kate Lena (7)
    DD3/DD4:Maya Nola/Martha Natalia (5)
    DS3:Oswin Parker (3)
    ADD1/ADD2/ADS1:Lillie-Rae Linda/Daisy-Leigh Camilla/Caleb-Jay Daniel (2)

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