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Thread: Olivia Belle??

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    Olivia Belle??

    First, I know Olivia is super popular, but my husband and I really love it and it was hard enough to agree on a name So we're fine with it. My question is more about the middle name.

    Belle would not have been my first choice, but I'd like to do it to honor my late Grandmother (Arabelle) whom I was very close to. Her birthday is also 5 days after my due date, so there's a chance the baby will be born very close to that. So does Olivia Belle sound like a good combo? I think Olivia Arabelle is a little too much with the double A's and length...and my Grandmother went by Belle.

    Other thoughts were Olivia Kate, Olivia Elise, or Olivia Catherine....I love Olivia Grace but I'm afraid that combo is too overused. I prefer a short middle name as our last name is 3 syllables and Olivia is 4. (I know Catherine is long, but I still considered it)

    Thanks so much!

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    I think it is lovely!
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    Olivia Belle is lovely. It sounds great and has a great meaning.
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    Olivia Belle is cute. I think Belle honors your grandmother very nicely, and Olivia Belle flows well. I do love Olivia Grace and Olivia Catherine more, but if honoring your grandmother matters to you more (it would matter to me more!), I would definitely go for that. If you didn't have such a long surname, I would suggest something like Olivia Grace Arabelle or Olivia Catherine Belle, but if you're already worried about your surname, I don't think adding a second middle would really help, haha.

    Good luck!
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