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    Thoughts on Zenobia

    Hi Name berries,

    May I please have your thoughts and opinions on the name Zenobia?

    What comes to mind when you hear this name? Is it easy to pronounce and spell? Do you find it feminine?

    What about when you compare it to Delilah?

    Thanks in advance

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    It's definitely feminine and easy to pronounce. But to me it seems a little mismatched with Delilah. I would expect a sibling of Zenobia to be named something along the lines of Andromeda/Idalah/Ione/Tempest/Mireille...... I guess something a little more unique and unusual. While Delilah I might expect a sibling named Olive/Ciciely/Haven..... Not popular but still familiar. If that makes any sense.

    Though my personal opinion is that you should choose the names you love, rather than try and 'match' the sib set, so even though it is a little unexpected it's still usable
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    Sorry.. Maybe I wasn't clear.
    Zenobia would be one option... Delilah would be another option for a name. They are not part of a sib set
    Just contemplating between the two names.

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    I think its lovely, and decidedly feminine.
    I like it more than Delilah! Delilah is 1. more common and 2. makes me think of the Biblical character (and I am not/was not raised Christian).
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    Can I please get a few more opinions?

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