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    Brother for Atticus and Gemma

    First off, I would like to thank all of you for the help I received on my previous post! I just decided to start another thread rather than reply to that one. My sister has a daughter named Gemma Orion, and she is currently pregnant with twin boys. Her and DH have decided (99% sure) on Atticus Vincent, but can't seem to find another name to go with that. They've realized that both Gemma & Atticus have repeating letters and they would like to continue that. They've also realized the Atticus/Orion connection and wouldn't hate to continue that, too. Any help?

    Names they're thinking of:
    Callisto (too girly?)
    Elias (don't know how to incorporate double letters so this one is probably out)
    Cyprian (again with the double letters thing)
    Apollo (DH doesn't necessarily love it)
    Cassius (pronounced Cass-ee-us)
    Evander (as a MN)
    Nathaniel (as a MN)
    Sebastian (as a MN)

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    I think Cassius goes the best with Gemma and Atticus
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    The endings on Elias and Cassius sound a bit matchy with Atticus. I think Cyprian Evander or Isaac Evander sound good.

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    Callisto - Doesn't fit with Gemma or Atticus. Those name are very classic, Callisto is kind of hippie sounding.
    Isaac - Love this name!
    Lennon/Lennox - personally I don't prefer Lennon because it's too synonymous with John Lennon. Lennox is a little better, but still not my taste really.
    Elias - I think it's pretty cute.
    Cyprian - Not my taste
    Apollo - Not my taste
    Cassius - Not my taste
    Evander - I like it, not in love with it
    Nathaniel - Cute
    -Sebastian - Totally adorable.

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