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    Wink Think I found a name - Cay! Help me weigh pros and cons

    I was in between sleeping and fighting my belly last night and it came to me, "Cay". The meaning is "Pure" or "Righteous" as a name...but it's also a small low island. It is quite fitting because my husband is from the Bahamas so it speaks to his origin.

    His middle name could be Oliver - from my mom, Ollie and Dad, Carver = Oliver. So Cay Oliver! What do you think?

    My fears are 1. Cay sounds like "Kay" which is a girl name...and it also sounds like 'kay as in okay. My son's name is Nile and my daughter's name is Ariel. would be Nile Arold (mn after his dad), Ariel Morene (mn after both our moms - my mom is Ollie Lorene, his mom is Marie) and Cay Oliver.

    I absolutely love the name, but I also want it to be livable. I don't want to give him a difficult name to live with, so throw whatever you can think of at me! I think I'm ready for it!

    I thought about making it a nickname for Caleb or Cayson...but I think I just like Cay by itself. Neither of my children have nicknames that they go by, as of now...they're still very young.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    I thought you were contemplating it for a girl, and was surprised to see the put in the middle name Oliver. With just hearing the name I'd expect to see a little, but the spelling does look more masculine.

    I'm unsure to be honest, I do think it would be better as just a nickname to avoid the gender confusion. I think Caleb nn Cay would be lovely, or even Cassius, Casper.
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    I'm not sure how it's pronounced if it's not "K" (rhyming with eye?), but using it as a nn for Caleb I'm sure you'd get "K" over "Cay" however. Though I don't like the made up look of Cayson, it seems more substantial than just Cay. In addition I think if you use just Cay it would be very difficult to find a middle name that doesn't create one word - Cay Oliver sounds like Colliver to me.

    Id it does indeed rhyme with eye, Cyson would seem like better. People would connect it to "tyson" and make it rhyme, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, long story short I prefer a longer name with the nn Cay (or Cy) for you. Good luck!

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    First I was confused how to pronounce it: Kay or Say? Second I think it's too close to Kay for it to work on a boy... However this is coming from the girl that loves Sydney, Cassidy, and Tempest on boys so you could chose to ignore this
    However you/he would probably have to correct people all the time on both the spelling and pronunciation of this name. I think making it a nickname is a very good idea as in my opinion it doesn't stand very well on it's own.
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    Great feedback...much to consider!

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