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    Boy #3

    Thanks to all who posted their suggestions on my previous thread. I had no idea where to start, but I found several names that I like from your suggestions! I am really having a hard time finding a name for our third son. The other two boys were much easier. When I was searching for a name for my oldest son in 2003, there were two names I just loved as soon as I saw them. Carter and Griffin. I used Carter then and named my second son Griffin. I like names that aren't too out there, but that aren't too popular either... Even though Carter has become much more popular than it was 9 years ago and I'm seeing Griffin a ton more than I did 3 years ago. I would like to keep the two syllable first name and three syllable middle name thing going. Our last name is a one syllable name beginning with a vowel. Honest opinions and any other suggestions would be much appreciated! After reading through a few name books, your suggestions and tons of looking online, these are the names I like so far...

    Carter Benjamin, Griffin Oliver and...

    Emmett-My fave so far. Doesn't go with my fave middle name (Elliot) though.
    Owen-Hubby's fave so far

    Middle names I like- Elliot, Edison, Nicholas, Harrison, Avery and Gabriel so far. Thanks again!

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    Hudson, Adler, Owen, and Sawyer are all great and go with Elliott.

    It doesn't go with Elliot, obvi, but I love Everett and think it would go great with your other names. Everett Gabriel is great.
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    Carter, Griffin & Sawyer/Emmett are my favourite options for you but Owen and Jackson do fit very well.

    Owen Elliot sounds adorable, as does Sawyer Elliot and Jackson Elliot.

    Emmett Avery or Emmett Gabriel would be adorable.
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