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    Help! Due in March and can't agree!

    We are due with our third baby in March, gender unknown. DH and I didn't have too hard a time with boys names, but we are struggling for girls. He doesn't like my favorites and the names he likes are too popular for my taste, although I do think they are alright. I like names that sound familiar but aren't really popular. Big sisters are Brigid Ceaira (pn like Sierra), nn Bea, and Camilla Beatrice, nn Milly. Last name is Bonner. We are very much nickname people, so nickname potential doesn't hurt. Both of our other girls' names have some sort of significance to us (we got pregnant with Brigid when visiting Ireland and my husband's side is heavily Irish, and Milly was my husband's grandma's nn) so if it works we could get something in a first or middle, although it wouldn't be a deal breaker by any means. Both DH and I have the middle name Lee/Leigh, so some variation of that? Or my dad's middle name is Lynn, so a variation of that in a name? Or grandma's middle name is Lou and SIL's middle is Louise, so we've joked about Louise or Louisa for a middle, although family/friends we've talked to dislike those.


    My favorites -
    Emeline/Emalyn - ties in the Lynn from my father
    Genevieve nn Evie or Vieve - only common one on our lists, and neither of us is sure if it is "the one"
    Imogen - DH doesn't like it at all though
    Rosalie - to tie in the leigh/lee of our middles, although DH doesn't really like this one either. Sigh. Little Rose/Rosie would be cute.
    Violet/Violette - Again he doesn't like it. I think a little Lettie would be sweet.

    DH's favorites -

    Amelia - several friends kids with this name
    Clara - have several friends kids with this name
    Elizabeth - I like it, yet its a little too formal for me maybe? Just isn't clicking yet.
    Genevieve - he is okay with it.
    Isabel/Isobel - I like it but WAY too popular.
    Lisbeth - I want to like it... but for some reason its just not clicking yet.
    Lucy - I'd like this more as a nn for a more formal Luc name but DH pretty well hates all the longer versions I come up with.
    Madelyn - know several Madisons and this just might be too close for me.

    Others we have talked about that are possibilities -
    Alice - I like, but afraid it will get EVEN MORE popular. And I know several little girls called Ali running around. But I do like it.
    Amelie - suggested this instead of Amelia... he is unsure
    Luciana - I suggested this as a more formal version with nn Luc
    Roslyn - his suggestion to my Rosalie, but it is a bit stuffy for me.

    I sent him a few more, but I've yet to hear back. We've been avoiding discussing it since we are just getting so frustrated!!!


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    From your list I like:
    Emeline or Emalyn
    Genevieve nn Evie or Vieve, since you like the nn Evie have you considered Evelyn? You both seem to like more classical names he likes the more popular and you like less popular, so maybe Evelyn would work and it also has ties to the Lynn that has family significance?

    From his list I liked:
    Madelyn (I don't think that it's too close to Madison, imo)

    From ones that y'all have discussed as possibilites I like:
    Anastasia, you could do Anastasia Lynn or Anastasia Louise

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    How about Lucy as a middle name to honour grandmother and SIL?

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    I love Genevieve nn Evie.
    From your list I like Emmeline and from his list I like Amelia.

    Amelia alternatives: Aurelia, Adalia, Abelia, Odelia, Adelia, Celia, Cecelia, Cordelia, Ophelia, Thalia, Azalea
    To get to Lucy: Lucienne (one of my favorites!) or Lucia
    Like Elizabeth: Elise, Eliza, Liza, Elyse,
    Like Alice: Carys, Iris, Agnes, Ellis, Frances, Lois
    Like Violet: Hazel, Ruby, Ivy, Iris, Senna, Zinnia, Calla

    Other suggestions
    Lydia nn Lydie (close to Lettie nn you like)
    Linnea (prn. li-NAY-ah, some what has the Lynn sound in the beginning)
    Hadley (lee sound at the end)
    Elysia (reminds me of Amelia)
    Eden or Edith with nn Edie
    Anneliese or Anya (my favorite "Anna/Ana" names since you like Anastasia and Annalie thought I would mention these)
    Rosemary or Rosemarie or Rose-Marie (I actually just prefer the name Rose to all it's longer versions. Rose is beautiful as it is and since there isn't an agreement on any of the longer version I thought I would through that out there.)
    Eliana (saw Elodie and thought of this)
    Leonie (prn. lee-oh-nee so it has that "lee" sound you are looking for)
    Marilyn (lyn ending and a bunch of cute nn like Merry, Mare, Lynnie, Mari)
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    Boys: Flynn, Isaac, Ronan, James, Alaric, Jude, Damian, Emmett, Gabriel, Henry, Lucas/Lucian, Arthur, Ian, Wyatt, Leo

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    Have you considered Leelynn as a middle name to connect both? (please vote!)

    Just lurking since the birth of my son S. G. A.
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