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    No one understands my love for Verity. It's all well and good, I suppose, since its not really a usable choice for us.
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    Rupert! When ever I mention it IRL I always get a negative reaction but I really love it.
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    The names I like that get the most hate from people I know and love in my non-digital world are Heloise and Olympia.

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    Thought I'd posted here but apparently not...

    Vasiliy - I know at least one other person here likes this one, can't remember who though.

    Hester - I think this has got bad press here before.

    Aira - My mum doesn't like this one but I keep mentioning to her in that hope that, by the time I have kids, she'll be conditioned to it

    Ngaere - I've never suggested this Maori girls name before but I think the spelling would put a lot of people off despite the beautiful sound (NIGH-ree).

    Sigrid/Ingrid/Ygritte - I find all of these beautiful. I seem to enjoy the 'gri' sound, lol.

    Hwyel - One of my favourite Welsh boy names, pronounced (how-el).

    Gael/Dickon - I get that a fair few people don't like these for boys names for the teasing potential but I still heart them.

    There are probably more! Lol.

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    I love several of the names mentioned on here, Taryn and Emrys being the two that stick out most right now.

    I don't get much love for most of my lists anywhere. They're either "yoonique/trendy messes" or just too obscure/unusual for most people. Examples: Alyxia, Rhiannon, Caoimhe, Lyric, Ellowyn, Sapphira, Celesta, Echo, Emrys, Tobias (doesn't sound the best with our last name, either, but I don't really care), Sebastien, Atreyu, Brycen, Macsen/Maxson, Rune, Onyx, etc.
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