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    Quote Originally Posted by beautiful_haiku View Post
    I have a few of these lol


    Frederick (only Nameberries like this)
    Croix or Kroy (pronounced like St Croix, not the French Croix)

    Show me your list!!! =)
    Ha, Apollonia's on my list for this as well. The name shows up in my family tree quite a few times back in the old country (I'm very into genealogy), but I just can't get anyone behind me on this one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jess0044 View Post
    Do you know how many times I've been called boring for wanting to use the name Mark? Too many times to count. I'm not sure why there is so much hate for that name out there . . .
    I hear you -- I like very plain classical names, like Thomas, Joseph, Michael, etc., too. I also like some that are a little out there (like Marcus, nn Marc), but the ones that are perceived as plain get very little love on here.

    As for ones I love that no one else does, the "no one else" would mostly be my husband and my mother, but they provide so much hatred for them that it's starting put me off wanting to use one of these, even though I LOVE them
    Isabelle (my husband says it "sounds too ethnic" Ugh, men!)

    Maximilian (dislike for this is more widespread and I don't get it -- I LOVE it!!)
    Connor (swoon -- LOVE!)
    Kaspar (note: K is not trendy, it's Polish -- I'm liking that one less and less because I think I'll always feel the need to explain that, but it doesn't get much better than the nn Kaz!)

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    Cordelia, Matilda, and Sylvie. On NB they are very well liked and I love them but in real life, in my circle, they're not digging them ;P
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    Quote Originally Posted by beautiful_haiku View Post
    Who doesn't like Harrison??!!! Shame on them lol I LOVE Harrison!!!

    From your list I also love Lavender, Cordelia, Amoret, Araceli, Araminta, Keltie, and Waverly. Great list! Keltie is very cool... might remind people of Celtic??
    I have gotten so many negative reactions to Harrison on Nameberry in the past! Luckily it's not one of my top 5.
    Thanks for the compliment! Also, Keltie, as far as I can research, is a Scottish based name, derived from a place name, but mostly the jury is out on this one which means it might be a modern creation. I have loved it since I met a Keltie years ago.

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    I like a lot of the names listed here! Harrison is in my top 5 for a boy, and I love Kella for a girl. I have learned that I don't really fit in on Nameberry because I don't like most of the names I see and I get horrible feedback when I have ever posted a name I like. I guess I am too trendy but I love the names Tinley and Kendall for a girl. Haven't gotten good feedback on them though, so still looking.

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