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    Which do you prefer...?

    Ralph Hawthorne or Ralph Zebedee?
    Keziah Lilac or Delphia Lilac?
    Delphia Lilac or Delphia Lark?
    Jemima Harriet or Jemima Poppy?

    Comments or suggestions?

    now @finch

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    Ralph Hawthorne - Not typically fond of Hawthorne as a name but I dislike Zebedee.
    Delphia Lilac
    Delphia Lark
    Jemima Harriet
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    Ralph Hawthorne.. I like Ralph but don't necessarily like it with this middle
    Delphia Lilac - It's not my style, but I prefer it to Keziah
    Delphia Lark
    Jemima Poppy

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    Ralph Hawthorne or Ralph Zebedee? - Ralph Hawthorne. I like Zebedee ok as a middle name, but think it sounds too "goofy" with Ralph. I think of Ralph as kind of a fun, silly name (in a good way) and think it needs a more serious middle.
    Keziah Lilac or Delphia Lilac? - Delphia Lilac, the repetitive long I sound in Keziah and Lilac makes the flow terrible, but I like both names.
    Delphia Lilac or Delphia Lark? - Delphia Lark, both are nice though.
    Jemima Harriet or Jemima Poppy? - both are nice, but I think Jemima Harriet is too old-fashioned and Jemima Poppy is a tiny bit too whimsical. I'd use something like Jemima Kate, Jemima Jane, Jemima Isabelle, Jemima Ruby - a classy name that's popular in modern times, and nothing too girly or cutesy.
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