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    I just looove that name...

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    Cassandra - everyone seems to think of this as dated, but I've never known anyone with the name so I don't have that association.
    Demelza - apparently this is a Disney witch/ugly step-sister type name. I just think of beautiful Cornwall and the Poldark books.
    Sylvia - I understand the dated feel people get from this (I used to, as well) but she is my favourite Pankhurst by a million miles.
    Poppy - love this as a middle name, but have seen a lot of comments that it's too cutesy and insubstantial.
    Holiday - I doubt I'd ever use this, but I love the sound and the connotations. Seen as overly frivolous, which I can understand.
    Thyme - as a mn. The sound is awesome and the herb is historically symbolic of courage, but a little too odd for most.
    Charity - unfortunately often perceived as tacky. I adore the sound and the meaning is inspirational.

    Asa - absolutely adore this, but so many people say it's too soft/sounds like a girl's name. Nn Ace gives it a masculine boost, though.
    Douglas - again, dated/dad name to most people.
    Bradley - okay, so I would never use this, but this name has so many amazing connotations for me. It just makes me happy.
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    My guilty pleasure name is Aubryn, which I know (without even asking) that most berries would find very terrible and trendy, but I can't help it!

    I also adore Sophia and Sadie (they've been favorites for years) so I hope that by the time I get around to having kids the popularity has died down.

    I can't think of any more specifically, but I tend to like more 'normal' names so I guess I'm the minority over here.

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    Olga (I kind of understand, it's very ... hard. However, I think it's so sweet and I'd love for people to like it as much as I do).
    Maude (I do not understand this one. It may be because it's pronounced completely different in Danish. We pronounce the au like the o in "over" rather than like the a in "all". I think it's so beautiful and romantic looking).

    Amaury (again, I think the problem is the pronunciation, but after having heard the real French pronunciation, you can't not love this name).
    Archibald (too old-fashioned? Maybe, but I think it's better than Archer, Archibald is charming).
    Akiva (not sure why people dislike this one either).
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    Haha I love Dresden, but you are right, nobody else seems to! Other boys name, including Thatcher, Adair, Theron, Roux, Alasdair, Cadell and Harrison

    Pretty much my entire girls name list isn't on anyone's favorites! Hermione, Lavender, Corisande, Odessa, Cordelia, Annika (Awn-icka), Amabel, Amoret, Cadeau, Araceli, Araminta, Saffron, Jubilee, Hadley, Keltie, Mhairi, Vionnet, Valencia, Waverly, etc etc etc

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