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    Thoughts on names for 3rd baby

    We are due with our third baby in March, gender unknown. We have our list narrowed down to these names if its a boy. Middle name will be John (family tradition). Big sisters are Brigid Ceaira (pn like Sierra), nn Bea, and Camilla Beatrice, nn Milly. Last name is Bonner. We are very much nickname people, so nickname potential doesn't hurt. Thoughts on our list? Suggestions? Favorites?

    Cedric John Bonner - this was my fav when expecting our second child, but I'm on the line with it now
    Cyrus John Bonner
    Dashiell John Bonner
    Killian John Bonner - was the pick if our first would have been a boy. DH's fav, but its kind of attached to that pregnancy for me?
    Lincoln John Bonner
    Oliver John Bonner
    Silas John Bonner

    Thanks! I'll be posting on the girls name forum too once I finish running a couple names by DH!

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