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    Is Conan not useable?

    I really love the name Conan but I've been getting a lot of negative feedback that it is just not useable. It's a name both me and my husband love. It's Irish, sounds calm and collected, and relates to nature- it's meaning is "little wolf"
    People say it reminds them of Conan the Barbarian but it gives me a whole different image. Thoughts?

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    There are really strong associations with Conan - Conan the Barbarian, Conan O'Brien - and these associations are made stronger by the fact that the name is so unusual (people have no other association for it). However, I wouldn't really call these associations negative. If you really love it, I would not classify Conan as unusable (though be prepared for people to say "oh like Conan the Barbarian" when they first hear the name). Once family and friends meet a real life little Conan, the other associations will start to fade.

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    We very seriously considered this name for our son. Partially because my family is Irish and we wanted to honor that part of his heritage, and partially because my husband is obsessed with Conan the Barbarian movies. We also loved the meaning and the sound of this name. We ended up not using it because the proper pronunciation (the way Conan O'Brien pronounces it -- CO-nin), while beautiful, rhymes exactly with our last name and I couldn't stand the way it sounded together. Aside from that, our concerns were that people would pronounce it CO-nan or that people would think we named him after the Barbarian or O'Brien. However, if the name hadn't rhymed with our last name, we would have gone with it anyway despite those concerns. Like pp said, once people meet him, he will supplant any other images of any Conan they had in their mind previously. And it's such a lovely name. I desperately wish we could have used it because it checked off [aside from rhyming with our last name] all our boxes and we love it so much. I would absolutely love to meet a little Conan. It has a soft sound, but a strong meaning and masculine image (because of the Barbarian association -- not all a bad thing!) I think it's the perfect name for a little boy and for a man as well. I would be thoroughly jealous of any parents who were able to use this name. It remains one of my loves.

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    We're considering this for a boy ourselves. The problem is, I frequently err in my pronunciation and my husband gets frustrated at me. I say co-NAN, improperly even when referring to the TV host, so I would have to break myself of that. CO-nin is much better. So I guess my point is if you're not having my problem pronouncing the name than go for it, it's strong and unique and lovely. Be aware though that some dopes like me are probably in the habit of saying it wrong so you might have to correct

    Useable, totally useable is the bottom line in my opinion.

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    I always thought it was pronounced Co-NAN. Co-nin sounds much better. I don't think the name unusable at all. But I also agree with pp. You need to be prepared, especially in the beginning, that people might comment on it.

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