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Thread: CAF: Big Family

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    Teenage Name Fanatic.



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    Eastern US
    Leonidas Orion Van Stone, "Leo" & Poet Moon Lennox-Van Stone*

    DS: Silas Baird Van Stone, "Cy"
    DS: August Phoenix Van Stone, "Gus"
    DD: Blue Tiger Van Stone --- Take that Beyonce!!! Now all I need is the trademark .
    DS/DD: West Balthazar Van Stone & Lola Bee Van Stone**
    DS/DS: Solomon Dougal Van Stone, "Solo" & Lincoln Hendrix Van Stone, "Linx"
    DD: Cleora Cloud Van Stone, "Cleo"**
    DS: Huxley Thoreau Van Stone, "Huck"

    Leo + Poet = Cy, Gus, Blue, West, Lola, Solo, Linx, Cleo, & Huck

    *Okay, I didn't follow the rules. But, I needed a couple that sounded like they'd be adventurous enough to be willing to name their daughter Blue Tiger
    **Her sister's Blue Tiger!
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    * A Nameberry Nightmare*

    Mr. Fry: So, what should we name him?
    Mrs. Fry: Uh, you pick. I picked dinner last night.
    Mr. Fry: Well, I was thinking of Philip. After those screwdrivers?
    Mrs. Fry: That's a great idea! More morphine, please.

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    DW: Olivia Penelope
    DH: Patrick Oliver

    Number of Births: 4

    Birth #1-Girl:
    Chloe Alexandra

    Birth #2-Boy/Girl:
    Kai Austin
    Noelle Coralie

    Birth #3-Boy/Boy/Girl
    Arthur Pierce
    Callum Sawyer
    Eleanor Cruise

    Birth #4- Girl/Girl/Girl/Boy
    Madison Grace
    June Emma
    Molly Jane
    Finn Benedict
    Mommy to: Samuel Elliot ~5/4/10~
    Lydia Jane ~9/15/13~

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