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Thread: CAF: Big Family

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Aug 2009
    The Copeland's

    DH: Charles Bradley Copeland
    DW: Bethany Christine {Lloyd} Copeland

    DS: Lucas Chandler Copeland
    DD/DD: Viola Pearl Copeland / Scarlett Jade Copeland
    DD/DD/DS: Abigail Porsche Copeland / Madison Rebel Copeland / Conan Pierce Copeland
    DS: Grant Lewis Copeland
    DS/DS/DD: Gideon Josiah Copeland / Jackson Micah Copeland / Hazel Grace Copeland
    DS: Talon Clarence Copeland

    Charlie & Beth Copeland
    - Luke, Viola, Scarlett, Abby, Madi, Conan, Grant, Gideon, Jack, Hazel, & Talon Copeland
    I would rather have a few small speed bumps slow me down,
    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
    Track Sixteen
    Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately
    Alicia Cook

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    Sep 2009
    Washington State
    Not expecting, just collecting!
    Mama to cat: Finley Nash (Finn)

    My Favorite Names:
    Girls Names: Isla, Hannah, Lila, Josie, Harper, Daisy, Stella, Madeleine, Olivia, Isabelle, Willow, Sadie, Georgia, Ruby, Brynn, Viviena, Janie.
    Boys Names: Blake, Easton, Lane, Eli, Ezra, Theodore, Noah, Sawyer, Knox, Felix.

    Favorite Combos:
    Daisy Madeleine, Isla Wren, Stella Madeleine, Nora Madeleine, Emma Jean, Sadie Elisabeth, Georgia Pearl
    Eli Benjamin, Blake Michael, Judson Wyatt, Ezra Nathaniel

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    Nov 2011
    New England, USA
    DW: Lila Morgan
    DH: Matt Landon

    Number of Births- 5

    Birth One:
    (B) Cody Shepherd

    Birth Two:
    (G) Winter Coralie & (G) Viola Pearl

    Birth Three:
    (G) Honor Cruise & (G) Belle Zeppelin & (B) Callum Archer

    Birth Four:
    (G) Beatrice Faye & (G) Diana Clare & (G) Melody Tess & (G) Ariel Blythe

    Birth Five:
    (G) Evelyn Emma & (G) Hazel Grace & (G) Iris Althea
    Future Little Ones
    Lydia Violet, Rosalie Elsa, Cora Penelope, Amelia Isobel
    Finn Matthew, Henry Johnston, Troy Oliver, Archer Bryce

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    DW: Ayla Bethany
    DH: Bryden Andrew

    Number of Births: 8
    DS: Silas Deacon - 17
    DD: Noelle Coralie - 15
    DS: Logan Callum - 13
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Molly Bryn, Alana Tess, Bronson Ellis, and Griffith Lachlan - 11
    DS/DS: Henry Niall and Lincoln Alec - 8
    DD: Alexia Felicity - 5
    DS: Cohen Blake - 3
    DD/DS: Abigail Phoebe and Hudson Isaac - 10 months

    Silas, Elle, Logan, Molly, Alana, Bronson, Griff, Henry, Link, Allie, Cohen, Abby, and Hudson

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