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Thread: CAF: Big Family

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    DW: Nora Olivia Gould-Miller
    DH: Oscar Nathaniel Miller

    DD: Roma Maud Gould-Miller
    DD: Nixie Opal Gould-Miller
    DD: Honor Gypsy Gould-Miller
    DS: Gable Augustine Gould-Miller

    Nora and Oscar have:
    Roma, 13
    Nixie, 11
    Honor, 4
    Gable, NB

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    Previous account: elrock13

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    Wife: Amelia Brielle
    Husband: Bernard Arthur (Bernie)
    1st Son: Wyatt Mercer
    2nd Son: August Dover (Gus, Twin)
    1st Daughter: Scarlett Coralie (Twin)
    2nd Daughter: Brooklyn Cruise (Brooke, Triplet)
    3rd Daughter: Dakota Bluebell (Triplet)
    3rd Son: Callum Pierce (Cal, Triplet)
    4th Son: Beckham Alastair (Beck, Quad)
    5th Son: Gable Rhys (Gabe, Quad)
    6th Son: Stewart Ellis (Stewie, Quad)
    7th Son: Kingsley Inigo (King, Quad)
    4th Daughter: Ivy Althea (Quint)
    5th Daughter: Cordelia Tallulah (Cora, Quint)
    6th Daughter: Wilhelmina Mercer (Mina, Quint)
    8th Son: Ebenezer Hendrix (Ben, Quint)
    9th Son: Ambrose Niall (Rory, Quint)
    7th Daughter: Clementine Adela (Triplet)
    8th Daughter: Emmeline Seraphina (Emme, Triplet)
    9th Daughter: Theodosia Natalia (Thea, Triplet)
    10th Son: Cullen Austen
    10th Daughter: Chloe Rowena

    Wyatt, Gus, Scarlett, Brooke, Dakota, Cal, Beck, Gabe, Stewie, King, Ivy, Cora, Mina, Ben, Rory, Clementine, Emme, Thea, Cullen & Chloe
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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