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    Name for our second bub?

    Hello all,

    This site was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was struggling with names for our second baby. I've been looking around and am pleasantly surprised by the wonderful ideas and comments on this site, it seems like you all really care about each others naming issues.

    So my problem that I hope to get some help with.... I have a 2 year old son named Bugsy William. By know your probably thinking, how odd, these people are crazy!!!! I haven't seen any mention of Bugsy on here so I guess it will be disliked by most.
    But let me explain, my husband fell in love with the name Bugsy when he was 11, now for me names were never a big deal (having a son named Bugsy has changed that slightly) and the fact that Jack felt so strongly about the name won me over for it to be a middle name, William Bugsy it was.
    However, the moment he was born Jack called him Bugsy, not William, and in that moment I knew that we couldn't go back. When he was born it just fit, and believe me Bugsy suits him just fine as he grows up! He gets called Bugsy by his dad and Billy by me, some of the time, so the odd name wont be too much of an issue as he grows up, he can be Billy if he wants. Sorry for the long story but I've been explaining it for 2 years. Please keep an open mind, Bugsy isn't the name we are giving opinions on today

    Now on to my issue, how do you follow Bugsy...?? Any ideas? Here's some names we've been contemplating, but nothing really sticks.



    We've got 4 months to go so I'm not in an absolute rush but I'd love some suggestions and advice.

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    Thanks for the story behind Bugsy. It's charming and helps clarify the choice, which helps us give advice (and indeed makes you seem less crazy :P ). It's true: how does one follow Bugsy/Billy? I think you're on the right track with many of these! Bugsy William is playful, decidedly spunky up front and grounded by classic William. While the name Bugsy is gutsy and fun, I wouldn't call it "light" per se... So here are some thoughts:

    Penn: I think this would work pretty well. It avoids the issue of juxtaposing a "real" name against brother Bugsy altogether, and I think it feels young and fun.
    Hugo: I like this choice with Bugsy for its snappy length, unusual ending, and spunk, but I personally don't care for the repeated "ug" letters (visually) in the middle. If that doesn't bother you, I think this is nice.
    Finley: This feels very Irish and "poppy," even a bit trendy, next to weightier Bugsy. This is the least fitting of the bunch IMO.
    Otto: LOVE this choice with Bugsy. I think it is unusual, simple, and has that rough-and-tumble fun feel. I'm not sure what middles you're considering, but a classic could lighten and "normalize" it beautifully: Otto James, Otto Robert, etc.
    Tristan: Like Finley, Tristan feels quite different from Bugsy to me. It has this wispy, light, Romantic hero vibe that clashes with down-to-earth Bugsy.

    Other boys' names I would recommend:
    Short, fun, "O" names (like Hugo or Otto): Arno, Arlo, Milo, Oscar
    Slightly clunky vintage picks (also like Hugo and Otto): Reuben (nn Ben?), Rufus, Walter, Arthur (nn Bear?), Quentin (nn Quinn)
    Lighter-but-still-grounded (in the vein of Finley): Flynn (very similar, but feels a little tougher), Tavish, Angus
    Surnames (like Penn): Monroe, Fletcher, Hopper, Wilder, Gower, Duff, Perry, Tobin (nn Toby? Ben?), Whistler or Whittaker (nn Whit)

    The girls' names on your list are, interestingly, all quite casual, mostly vintage nicknames. I would be careful of getting too cutesy, esp. with sibling Bugsy.

    Poppy: This is one that, to me, feels a hair too cute, but I like it for its energy. I do think a classic middle could ground it a la Bugsy (Poppy Margaret, for instance), but Poppy and Bugsy together might feel a wee bit too saccharine together. I feel conflicted: I like it, I don't, I do, I don't. Sorry if that's unhelpful...
    Nellie: I like Nellie. I prefer just Nell or a longer name (Ellen, Elinor) with Nellie as a nickname; Nellie makes me think a bit of the R&B singer, Nelly. And while I think Nellie and Bugsy (or Nell and Bugsy) are sweet together, Nellie and Billy seem too similar to me.
    Scout: I confess I have a sweet spot for Scout, esp. on your list. I love that it doesn't end in an -ee sound, that it is feisty and not too sweet, that is has a great literary namesake... Bugsy and Scout (or Billy and Scout) sound perfectly paired and ready for adventures! LOVE it.
    Clover: Far too cutesy for me. I also think of bugs in clover patches when Bugsy and Clover are side by side. (I think of bugs on poppy flowers with Poppy, too...) That's just my opinion, though.
    Polly: I like Polly. I think it is underused and sweet with some nice vintage charm. I think Bugsy and Polly are a quaint, fun duo.

    Other suggestions...
    Spunky nature names (like Poppy and Clover): Juniper (nn June, Junie), Ivy, April or May, Daphne, Violet, Hazel, Olive
    Vintage nicknames that stand alone well (like Polly and Nellie): Milly, Mae, Sadie, Sukey, Tansy, Elsie, Tess, Bess, Hattie, Zadie, Gwen, Wendy
    Vintage longer names: Pearl, Elsa, Etta, Flora, Phoebe, Faye (love this)

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    I think Bugsy is charming and quirky! I think I like it.
    Of your boys names I really love Hugo and Finley. I think they are handsome and that they are good solid names. Finley is a little more on the popular side, so I would lean towards Hugo. I also think Hugo and Bugsy are great together. Penn and Otto are ok. Tristan I don't care for and I find that it doesn't go well with Bugsy at all.

    From the girl's list I really like Poppy and Scout. Poppy might be an easier name to grow into as an adult, so I would lean towards Poppy.

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    I actually grew up across the street from a little boy who everyone called Bug--I think his real name was Mikey. I don't think it's really a name I can see on a president, but it's not completely horrific.

    I immediately thought of Rigby as a match with Bugsy.

    But I guess it depends on how much you want to go with the same sorta "style". Most of your options are a tad bit different but not too out there, which is sort of in between Billy and Bugsy.
    I think if I were you I'd go for a really unique name that would match with Bugsy, but that also had a rather normal nickname.

    Hartley "Lee" "Arty"
    Clancy "Lance"
    Ratcliff "Cliff"
    Finch "Fin"
    Lennox "Knox"

    I think for girls, it's less important that the names feel equal. I think Poppy, Polly, Nelly, and Clover are all great names that would work great with your family. I'm not big on Scout because it feels too much like a dogs name to me, but I can see the allure.
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    From your boys list, Finley is the only one that I really like, Penn stands out because I always thought of it as a girls name. Some suggestions: Milo, Saul, Lysander, Wolfe, Nelson, George, Fox, Samson, Oswald, Carter, Jerome, Henry, Jaxon, Carlos, Jem?
    I love Scout from your girls. Hands down it fits with Bugsy perfectly and I think it's great, it's actually on my own list - albeit in the middle spot - still a great name
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