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    Do you like these names?

    Bellamy Winter (g)
    Rowan Blue (g)
    Carter Nicole (g)
    Mateo Finn (b)
    Luca Pilot (b)

    Also do you have any middle name suggestions for Luca, Carter, amd Mateo? I dont like the middles 100%


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    Then only one I intensely dislike is Carter for a girl, I don't think it's feminine or cute in any way. Bellamy Winter is pretty and I like Rowan but it feels a little cheesy with Blue (both words). Matteo Finn is really cute, I like that. Luca Pilot is ok....I don't love Pilot, but Luca is awesome.

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    Bellamy Winter: Cute! I like this one a lot. It's different.

    Rowan Blue: If you didn't say that it was for a girl, I would've never known. Looks like a boys name. It's too unisex on paper. Which can be a bad thing sometimes.

    Carter Nicole: This is very mismatched in my opinion and it doesn't flow well.

    Mateo Finn: I like this combo.

    Luca Pilot: Not my style at all. I don't like the MN and I've never been a fan of Lucas.
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