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    Hey OP, I just want to clarify -- is Bugsy your son's given name? Or is it his middle and a nick?

    Bugsy is beyond cute. There's something ruggedly handsome yet adorable about it. I'll always think of the movie with Jodie Foster, but in this generation, the association won't be too strong. I love it!

    Anyway, I think Otto and Hugo work best. BUT, if Bugsy is only a nickname, I'd consider giving your other sons a longer name, as well, and coming up with a spunky nick for it. Francis to Franco could be cool. Nicholas nn Klaus, Cole. Christopher nn Kipp. Gunnar nn Gunn. Gunnar and Bugsy sounds darling together.

    For girls, I'd avoid something super cutesy, so not feeling Poppy or any of your other choices. Except for maybe Clover. With Bugsy, I like Margot, Cleo. I think next to Bugsy, any daughter of yours could pull off the nickname Cricket, too, something to think about.

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    I definitely think something equally as fun and quirky as Bugsy is needed here and the ones that match that for me are Penn, Otto, Nellie, Scout and Polly.

    Bugsy and Scout just work together, as do Bugsy & Penn/Otto.

    Bugsy & Peregrine
    Bugsy & Evander
    Bugsy & Carlisle
    Bugsy & Giles
    Bugsy & Milo
    Bugsy & Quinn
    Bugsy & Leland
    Bugsy & Alaric

    Bugsy & Alma
    Bugsy & Willow
    Bugsy & Agnes
    Bugsy & Ottilie
    Bugsy & Adelaide
    Bugsy & Clementine
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    Hey OP, I just want to clarify -- is Bugsy your son's given name? Or is it his middle and a nick?
    Bugsy is his first name on his birth certificate. Probably one of the only birth certificates with Bugsy on it!

    Thank you everyone for all you opinions and suggestions, I am beyond happy that you all like Bugsy... Literally, it brought a huge smile to my face!

    Now onto your suggestions, some of them are fantastic and I will be throwing them in my husbands face! One's I like:

    Willow (Willow and Billy?)

    Thanks again, please keep your opinions coming!

    P.S What do you think of Kit or Kip for a boy?

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    I really like your son's name, awesome choice.

    Of your boy names, I think that Penn and Otto fit the best. I also like the name Tristan, but the other two fit better.
    Of the girl names, I really like Polly and Scout!

    Good luck and congrats on the soon-to-be here baby!

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    Just noticed your newest post on the thread.

    Of the suggestions you received for boys I think that Fletcher is awesome. I have heard it used. The name sounds like it would be great on a little boy, a teenager, or adult! Plus it sounds good with your son's name.
    Of the suggestions you received for girls I like Violet and Tess, both so pretty!

    I have heard Kit on a girl and a guy, I think it could work either way! Kip is nice, but reminds me of a puppy.

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