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Thread: Kristienne

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    What do you think? What feel does Kristienne conjure up in your mind? What would you think if you met a little Kristienne? Is there another nickname that comes to mind besides Kristi? Do you think Kristienne would be a good way to honor a Kristen?

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    I think it sounds and looks pretty and would be a fine way to honor a Kristen. It makes me think of Scandanavia. I think of a sweet and graceful little girl.

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    I like it. I also like the Christienne spelling, and Christiane.

    Nicknames could be: Krissy, Kris, Kiki, Tienne, Tienny, Tinny, Kenny, Issy, Istie, Enna, Ennie, Stienne, ect.
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    I think it's pretty, and a very good way to honour a Kristen. I would probably use the nn Kit or even Kitty.
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    I had a good friend in high school named Christianne, who went by Chrissy. I think I prefer Christianne over Kristienne.

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