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    Jun 2012
    LN: Schweitzer

    DH: Henrich Joachim
    DW: Penelope Eloise
    ---DS: Henry Johannes
    ---DS: Rodger Stephan
    ---DD: Elisabeth Pauline
    ---DD: Marie Natalie
    ---DD: Rosalie Olivie
    ---DS: William Thorsten

    *The first son moved out and married a woman whose family moved here when she was three. Her mother is Irish, and her father is Polish/French.

    Wife’s maiden name: Kominski

    DH: Henry Johannes
    DW: Katherine Maureen
    ---DS: Henry John
    ---DS/DS: Timothy Isaac & Ian Thomas
    ---DD: Rose Yvonne
    ---DD: Catrina Sophia

    *The second son married a woman who was born in America. Her parents are also native born, but her grandparents are from Whales, Bolivia, Argentina, and England.

    Wife’s maiden name: Martin

    DH: Rodger Stephan
    DW: Brigida "Bridie" Helen
    ---DD: Joanna Lucille
    ---DD: Louisa Josephine

    *The first daughter married a man whose entire family migrated to America from England with Columbus. He’s pure American.

    Husband’s LN: Evers

    DW: Elisabeth Pauline
    DH: Edward Thaddeus
    ---DS: Edward "Ned" Michael
    ---DD/DD: Emma Anne & Eloise Sarah

    *The second daughter married a man who moved here from Mexico when he was fifteen. Both of his parents are pure Mexican.

    Husband’s LN: De la Cruz

    DW: Marie Natalie
    DH: Oliviero Luis
    ---DD: Willa Penelope
    ---DS: Henry Warren
    ---DS: Wesley Oliver
    ---DS: Clara Wendy

    *The third daughter married a man who was born here, but his parents migrated from the Philippines. His entire family is natively Philippine.

    Husband’s LN: Watan

    DW: Rosalie Olivie
    DH: Juco Umali
    ---DS: Matthew Luczon
    ---DD: Noelle Rosalia

    *The third son married a woman whose family is purely Native American. They’re from the Cheraw tribe, but left the traditional “tribe” many eras ago.

    Wife’s maiden name: Tomahawk

    DH: William Thorsten
    DW: Baya Iris
    ---DS: Lukas Karl
    ---DD: Valeria Anneliese
    ---DS: Xander Sven
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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