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    Opinions on the only name we agree on

    Hi Ladies!

    I'm newly pregnant and so of course DH and I are discussing names already. I've been thinking about names for years, but now we have a little bun in the oven and so it seems much more real and DH is much more willing to discuss.

    DH and I have very different naming styles. He just likes names that he likes. As in whatever sounds good to him (tend to be a bit trendy). I on the other hand want names that are meaningful in some way.

    So far the only girl's name that we can kind of agree on is Tessa. His great grandmother (who was alive until about 4 years ago and who I got the chance to know fairly well) was Teresa. I don't like Teresa but she was called Tess and Tessie by friends and family and I thought Tessa could be to honor her memory.

    We are thinking Tessa Abigail, Tessa Elizabeth, and Tessa Jewel. All of those MN also hold some significance to our family.

    A couple of concerns that I have:

    Will Tessa become too popular/trendy. Do you see it moving up significantly from it's current #229?

    Also, our last name is pronounced "Sip-sick" (although it isn't spelled with any Ss only Cs) is that too many S sounds in the first and last name?

    Thanks in advance so much for your imput!

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    Tessa is so beautiful! I've been thinking about it a lot for my own list lately as well. I think Tessa Jewel is an adorable combo.

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    I like the sound of Tessa Sipsick. I wouldn't like it if it started with S but with s in the middle, I think it's fine. I think Tessa is a very nice name to use in honour of a Teresa. It's pretty, but spunky, too.

    I'm actually not a fan of the name Jewel, but I love Tessa Elizabeth. Tessa Abigail is pretty too, but has the issue of the As running together.
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    I agree with Tessa Jewel. With you last name I would stay away from any more s or z sounds, like in Elizabeth. And Tessa ends in a, Abigail starts with an a, and that is usually considered a no-no for flow. Also, I like the one syllable, so if you think of alternative mns, stick with one syllable names.

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    I like Tessa Sipsick. I think that the sa sound in Tessa and the si sound in Sipsick flow just fine. My choice for a middle name is Jewel. I think the the single syllable works best, and I think Jewel is beautiful.

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