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    Hey nice signature there! Orlando is wonderful, and while it sounds akin to your other boy names, it's distinct enough that you'll have five different flavors to choose from. Have you seen the Sally Potter film of Orlando? The book is better of course, but Tilda Swinton is great and the art-direction is out-of-this-world.

    Yes I have a Virgil friend. Rarely see him because he's a crazy driven artist always working, but a sweet puppy. The name suits him.
    Actually I know a couple who named their son Orlando. A dancer and a classics professor. He (the dancer) is always being mistaken for a gay man, so I had a bit of a laugh over Orlando because I think of it as such an androgynous name. But in the end I could only marvel at their opulent, evocative choice.

    Five children Ottilie! Wowie. Well, you have such a playful spirit, I'm sure you'll be a great mama to a troupe of beautiful kids. I secretly want a gaggle of small people (three seems like a lot!) but I don't know if I could manage it. I guess once you dive in and have the first child, the worries about juggling career and family go out the window and you get on with your life?

    Well anyway. What are some preferred middles for Mr. O?

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    Thanks sweets! I have seen that movie... I pretty much adore Tilda in everything, she is amazing. And you're right, the art direction is amazing! Your Virgil friend sounds like my mr beau; always working. Actually, I think our groups of friends are pretty alike by the sound of it... I love that you have friends with a little Orlando.

    Yeah we want five! I actually want eight, but we're being realistic! Career for me is basically yoga and painting... I just love children, I want a whole bunch (not in London though, we'd have to move to the country).

    Middles...argh, no we're sort of looking at it for all the names. We definitely want Orpehus, Endymion, Faramond, Oliver, Weyland, Wythe, Orion and Herne. Amazing suggestions are always welcome.
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    Ottilie, I love Orion! Faramond is great, but I think Orion is by far my favorite from your list of Os.

    P.S. I also really like Evander, Hadrian, Morgana, and Thalia.
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    Yoga and painting! I might have guessed. My work is physical too. I so wish you could pop by for a cuppa, but I bet we'd meet and just start ranting names at each other. Will you post Altair, Evander, Hadrian, and Rainier with their likely middles again? I can't keep track. Then we can have a shot at Orlando.

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    I want eight kids, too!

    Anyway, I know you've already gone through the whole vetting process, but I just want to throw out Orfeo as a perhaps more realistic Orpheus. 1) It doesn't sound like orifice when said too quickly. 2) The o ending makes it very accessible. 3) Sir Orfeo is Orpheus/Eurydice retold with FAIRIES. What could be better and more magical and medieval? 4) It has less of a one-man-name sound.

    Otherwise, I think Orion is your best best. I will say, however, that I had a friend who recently published a story in which the protagonist made fun of hippie parents who named their kid Orion. Just to say that, yes, Orion is a very typical choice for altie parents, and that's something to be aware of.

    Orlando is very swashbuckling, but in an easy, superficial way. Your other names feel more substantial. There is the lovely connection to Virginia Woolf, however.

    Oliver is so very popular! I feel you'll regret it, wonderful name thought it may be. It's so easy to grow tired of names when there are three in a playgroup. Names that once sounded gorgeous start to sound like BLAH BLAH.

    The last name on the list, the F name, is my favourite, and gets my vote.

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