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    I suspect your heart may be with Orpheus, so I'm giving him my vote! Sure he's a one-man-name, and I've been skeptical of his wearability. But I have a friend named Virgil who is pretty excellent, not at all crippled by his name. I know a Thor who is just the sweetest, gentlest old man.
    Orion or Orlando would be my next favorites. I think Faramond is divine, but similar in feeling to Evander, Altair, Hadrian and Rainier.
    It has a dreamy, meandering quality. Orpheus, Orion, Orlando are more... eyes straight ahead. (Edit: It's odd that I see Orpheus as more "eyes-straight-ahead" given the myth. I just mean, these names feel a little more grounded than Faramond, to me.) Oliver is beautiful... Not sure how it ranks on your side of the pond, but over here it's mega-popular. You'll have five names to choose from once the baby's born - for now, why not go with the one that's tugging at your heartstrings?
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    You already know which one is my favorite especially if we're losing Endymion, I think Orion deserves a shot in the spotlight. He and Orpheus have been around since day one, but between the two Orion is the more accessible and "name-y". And even if other people are using it as a middle name, how many of them are daring enough to make it a first! He could go by Ryan if he goes through that "I want a normal name" phase, and the mythological and astronomical connections are to die for... okay climbing off the soapbox now.

    Oliver is darling, but I think he'll fit better as a middle. As PP's have said, a sibset of Gwenllian, Altair and Oliver could be hard on poor Ollie. I love him in the mn slot, especially paired with Robin!

    Orpheus would be my second choice after Orion, mainly because of the mythological connections. I actually like his similarity to Morpheus, the shaper of dreams.

    Veto points go to Orlando, because of the hyper commercialized Disneyfied city (the actor is adorable, so no cons there), and unfortunately Faramond! I was totally on board with this one, even though I prefer Faramir, until someone mentioned it sounds like that's all I hear :-/

    Hope these tidbits are helpful tidbits. So excited to see your lists coming together!
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    Thanks everyone!

    First, in England Orlando is pretty much (at least to the people my children will associate with) mr Bloom and Shakespeare. And Woolf. We all know about the city and Disney-thing, but it's not the first thing that comes to mind honestly. Not even for me who's in America pretty often.

    Sparrow: I never thought of Orion and Ryan. I just realized I say Orion in Norwegian, oo-ree-ON, which obviously isn't how it will be pronounced in England. Bugger! I'm going to pronounce Gwenllian gwen-LHEE-an; approved by my Welsh friends.

    anajo: thanks, I love those two as well.

    Blade the Ninja: I thought about the -r things last night as well. Besides that, Oliver is more suitable in the middle for all the reasons that's been mentioned. I do love it though. So cute and beautiful. I love how you describe Faramond, it's such a fantastic name.

    Bellalulamum: Thanks, I do love stars! No special meaning, but I'm pretty in love with all things that are shining and twinkling.

    mrsbeville: Short, yes. Thanks for your opinon!

    Emma: You have a friend named Vrgil? That's awesome! Oliver is #2 here, so pretty darn popular. I see what you mean about Faramond (definitely gives me the same vibe as Evander and Altair, daydreamers dancing on clouds with their long golden locks). Hadrian and Rainier are tougher in my opinion; survivors, warriors, hunters. Orpheus is somewhere in between, a realistic romantic. Orlando I'm not sure about... Thank you for giving me the go-ahead. I do love Orpheus.

    Sesshie: I do love Orion, but now I'm fearing a Ryan nick name. Ryan is such a teen mum name here. And Oliver, I sort of knew it was a no go with the rest of the names. I just love him so much! Faramond - pheromone? Thank you, Sessh, now that's all I'm going to see... with surname it would sound like something weird. Hmmm... Thanks for your wonderful tidbits, very helpful indeed!!
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    I think Oliver is my least favourite for you, it now sounds so whiny to my ears I've heard it so much in this past couple of years. I think it's too popular and I just don't see it fitting in with your other names at all, e.g. I wouldn't expect to meet an Oliver & Hespera if that makes sense.

    Orpheus reminds me of the word Orifice, as well as Power Rangers for some reason; think it's 'orph' sound.

    Orion and Orlando are my favourites; but I understand your concerns about Orlando Bloom. My brother is considering the name Orlando too, and the only one I've ever met was just adorable and he's about 6 years old now. I've never met anyone with the middle name Orion, and even if it is in the middle name you wouldn't hear it much.

    Faramond is too much for me, the other four names on your list are wonderful but I don't like this one. Orion fits better.
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    Thank you, Liz! I actually think I'm leaning towards Orlando... boyfriend isn't sure about Orpheus, and usually that will mean a big NO down the road. Orlando really has everything I want; great literary references, historical ones, people will recognize it and it's easy to spell and say. It was given to 59 babies in 2011, not too many.
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