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    I suspect your heart may be with Orpheus, so I'm giving him my vote! Sure he's a one-man-name, and I've been skeptical of his wearability. But I have a friend named Virgil who is pretty excellent, not at all crippled by his name. I know a Thor who is just the sweetest, gentlest old man.
    Orion or Orlando would be my next favorites. I think Faramond is divine, but similar in feeling to Evander, Altair, Hadrian and Rainier.
    It has a dreamy, meandering quality. Orpheus, Orion, Orlando are more... eyes straight ahead. (Edit: It's odd that I see Orpheus as more "eyes-straight-ahead" given the myth. I just mean, these names feel a little more grounded than Faramond, to me.) Oliver is beautiful... Not sure how it ranks on your side of the pond, but over here it's mega-popular. You'll have five names to choose from once the baby's born - for now, why not go with the one that's tugging at your heartstrings?
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