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    One More Name for Baby's Name List

    Endymion is off, again, and I know it's insane, I just would like a neat top five for reasons I'm not gonna bore you with. I really want Oliver, Orion, Orpheus, Orlando or Faramond in the last spot.

    My pros and cons (Hayley style!):
    Oliver: + One of my all time favourite boy names, I know I'll always love it. Main character in my favourite novel. The name of one of the paladins of Charlemagne, Roland's trusted advisor and best friend.
    - Popularity. It doesn't really bug me, but Oliver is number 2 (7007 babies) in E&W, and the highest ranked of my other names is Thalia at 776 (48 babies).
    Orion: + Beautiful, love the myth, constellation, easy to say and spell, everyone knows it.
    - Seems like a go to middle for people who want to be different.
    Orpheus: + I love the Orpheus myth. Rilke's sonnets to Orpheus. It's beautiful and sounds different to my other names.
    - Lots of people say one man name.
    Orlando: + Italian version of Roland, Charlemagne's chief military leader. Also Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso (epic poems), and Orlando in As You Like It.
    - Orlando Bloom. Not him really, he seems very nice and is pretty and all, but he's not my favourite actor and I don't want people to think he's named after mr Bloom.
    Faramond: + The legendary King of the Franks. His name means journey protection which is gorgeous.
    - Not sure this one has any bad things, except too much? Will people get it? Confuse it with Faramir?

    The rest of my list is Altair, Evander, Hadrian and Rainier.
    Girl list is Gwenllian, Hespera, Illyria, Morgana and Thalia.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I would choose Faramond for the last spot. I agree, it doesn't really have any bad points. Love it! My second choice would be Oliver, since I love it, but I just don't love it for you. It's too popular and it just has a different feel than your other, more unique names. I also like Orion and Orpheus (I slightly prefer Orpheus), and the only one I don't really care for is Orlando - for me, it's totally associated with Orlando Bloom.

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    Noooo, not Endymion! I will light a candle in his honor tonight... lol. And now that I've been overly dramatic I will give this a go:

    Oliver- It is simply a fact of life that this is a great name. So don't get me wrong, I do really like it, and I definitely prefer it 1000 times more than Constance (sorry!). It's cute, it's relatable, it's so Charles Dickins... But yes, it is extremely popular. If I truely think about all the names I've watched you consider over these past few months, I have a feeling that you will eventually come to regret using this. I think it would be Perfect as a mn (for let's say, Hadrian, hint hint) but as a first I just fear that he will get lost in a sea of little Ollie's and you'll wish instead that you had the only little Altair in the preschool... I also feel like it would severely limit the naming potential of any future Hespera's ;_; To be geographically fair, I just asked a friend of mine who lives in London if he knew any, and he easily listed 5 Oliver's only a moment ago so if you ask me, Thalia should perhaps draw the line for you guys, as far as popularity goes. =(

    Orion- Do you need me to climb back up onto my soapbox, or can we just reference my posts from the early deliberations, pretend I said it all again, and call it good? (I still completely love it, and I can't think of a better way for a young boy to fall in love with stargazing, or an easier constellation to track. Previously, my biggest and pretty much only hang-up was that it had the same ending as Endymion, but if it's becomming too common-place you do have many other lovely options, and it could still a great mn possibility.)

    Orpheus- He has such an amazing role in the myth, a melodious sound, and he is recognizable while still remaining unique. I sort of understand when people call it a one-man name, but I think it's about time it became a one-man-plus-one-baby name don't ya think?

    Orlando- I do love Roland a great deal and Orlando Furioso is amazing. To be honest I also like Orlando Bloom (I tend to conveniently forget that whole Paris thing... shudder) although, when was the last time he made a movie? He seems to be quite caught up in domestic life for now at least, and even though he had a previous string of popular films years ago, I don't really see him as THE only Orlando people have ever heard of. Our generation was around for the premiers of the LOTR and POTC movies, but by the time a 2013 child is even old enough to watch those, I feel as though it will be like reading the credits of a Brat Pack movie today... good actors, but no longer the most popular ones. I very much remember hearing this as people's names before and since, and though it does give me a slight chuckle every time (because I happen to live in Orlando, FL) I still am very aware that it is a real name and has been around for years and years. Anyway, my long rambling point is it's a splendid name and I sincerely don't think people, especially not his peers, will automatically assume that little Orlando Sean Eddard (haha!) was named after "that guy who played the blonde elf." =]

    Faramond- It has a great meaning, but I can't comment on this without bias... I always seem to confuse it with Faramir and I think we all know which one I prefer. =( Also, can I just say that trying to negatively narrow down lists of amazing names is much harder!!
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    Oliver: great name, it would be my choice off your list, but it seems so tame next to every other name I've ever seen you gush over.
    Orion: beautiful. different but accessible. I've never heard it used. I wouldn't let other people's reasons for choosing it put you off if it feels right to you.
    Orpheus: honestly, my first thoughts with this name are Morpheus from Matrix and Orphan. It doesn't have as pleasant of a sound as your other choices.
    Orlando: first thoughts are Florida and Mr. Bloom and then Virginia Wolfe's character......
    Faramond: I think the only negative to this is it's rarity, which doesn't seem like a problem for you. I think the sound and flow are beautiful

    So my picks are Orion and Faramond
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    Thanks, you three!

    lily: Thanks, Faramond is great!

    Amy, awwww you're rereading Lady Chatterley's Lover! I'm reading it now too, for the 1000th time I believe. I've got five different copies of it, all worn out except for my beautiful leather bound one
    I know about Endymion, we just feels it's too much maybe (will put it in the middle).I like Orlando Bloom too (I actually thought he was perfect as Paris, annoying and idiot-ish). Orlando Sean Eddard, ah you make me smile. I know of about 50 Oliver's as well, they're everywhere. I'll definitely use it as a middle though. Have to! Orion, I know your feelings on this one. Just read through them actually, you and Sessh were always championing this one. I sort of prefer Faramir too, but if I should name after a LOTR character... there are others I love more. Orpheus seems to be your favourite. It's mine, so I'm happy to see think it's room for a little Orpheus in the world.

    Kalaway: Thanks, I've seen Matrix once so I don't really connect it to that! Orlando by VW is a great book, I forgot about that one. Another great plus.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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