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    I actually know an Orlando and an Orion. My friend Orlando has mixed feelings about his name. He likes that it's one of a kind, but people always have to ask him for his name twice and then immediately associate it with either Bloom or Florida. My family keeps asking me how my friend Oswaldo is doing. It doesn't seem to stick in their minds as anything other than "a weird O name." I think I would vote against this one.

    The Orion I know likes his name a lot. It's great. We were in the same circle as a Ryan though and essentially their names were the same. People don't stress the O very much so it sounds a lot like Ryan. But this Orion loved his connection to Astronomy.

    I was surprised to see Oliver on your list as it's so common for you! But it's a great name too. You really can't go wrong with it. I think I prefer Orion for you though because it's truer to your flair for the unusual and mythological. At the same time, just one top 10 on your list could be a good thing. I prefer both of them to Orpheus. It makes me think of the theatre in LA.

    I also love Faramond. I have never heard it, but it's a great combo of Faramir and Edmond in my head, even though I know that's not where it's from. A lot of the names on your list begin with vowels, indeed Ranier is the only one that is decidedly consonantal, so it might be nice to have a consonant.

    edit: How will you be pronouncing Gwenllian? The Welsh way or the Anglicized way.
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    I really like your names. Most of them are quite daring, but that's a good thing IMO. My favorites are Gwenllian and Faramond.
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    Oliver: 3/4 of the names currently on the short list end with -R. I think it would be just too much given its popularity. It is a lovely name, no doubt about it, and the fact that it's popular shows how people have excellent taste. But as Amy said I can't imagine a family of Illyria, Altair and Oliver.

    Orion: definitely deserves serious consideration. While the reservations around Orpheus center around it being "out there," Orion is just cool. An Orion can hang. It's pretty, evocative, mythological and accessible.

    Orpheus: not exactly a one-man name in my book, but it is unfamiliar and might be misheard.

    Orlando: I think Florida more than Mr Bloom, and various boxers by the (sur)name Orlando. I love how lush it is, and again it's extremely accessible.

    Faramond: to my ear, by far the loveliest and most evocative name on the list. Its only con is that it genuinely is very unfamiliar, and might be confused with the other -mond names. But I love the namesake and the nice mix of otherworldly, regal, and everyday elements.

    My rank list:

    1 & 2 (tied): Orion + Faramond
    3) Orlando
    4) Orpheus
    5) Oliver
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    I absolutely love Orion. I feel like a boy/man with this name would have some deep inner desire to create or express himself whether its writing, acting, or singing. He has a real appreciation for all things beautiful.
    Aside from the image I get from it, I love the idea of naming a child after a constellation. Especially if stars have a special meaning to you, it would be a great namesake. Great choice.

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    Short and sweet opinion...
    YES- Orion (different as a name but still easily recognized and heard of)
    NO- Orpheus (I don't want to say it's "not pretty" because its for a boy, but I just dislike how the name sounds)

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