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    Estee makes me think of Estee Lauder (perfume/make up brand) so I personally wouldn't use it, maybe as a nickname, also it is too close to Eloise.

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    My first thought (embarrassingly) was Rob Estes (I think he pronounces it ESS-tees), the (mostly horrible) actor. But after reading everyone else's posts, I agree that Estee Lauder would be the first thought in most normal people's minds. It definitely sounds more like a nickname to me, but I think I would pronounce them the same way, though depending on my mood I might pronounce the first one ESS-tee instead. If you're pronouncing it ESS-tee, I think it would be too similar for a sibset with Eloise, but prn ESS-tay, I think they seem different enough. Just not really a fan of the name though. Seems too different from Eloise in style.

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    I think of Estèe Lauder a lot as well but I actually think that association could be cute for a girl! I like it better as a NN for Estelle/Estella that way she has Mir options if she doesn't like she association. I think it could be ok with Elosie depending on her NN.

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    yes. Estee and Eloise would be too close for sisters
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    1. I would pronounce them the same but I prefer the spelling of Estee
    2. Like others, my thoughts immediately jump to Estee Lauder and so I would use it more as a nickname in case she doesn't want to have that association. I like Estelle - that's very pretty!
    3. Yes, they are much too similar IMO

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