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    Nameberries Own Favourite Recipes for Kids (especially Picky Eaters)

    Hi Mums and Dads I want to start Nameberries own 'go to' thread for those of us who are desperate to find a failsafe recipe/s that kids especially those who are picky eaters will gobble up and enjoy time and time again.

    So to all the Mums who have picked their way through the minefield of toddler eating and come out the other side with some great ideas for feeding kids I am sure that your expertise will be worth more than gold to the het up, frustrated mothers of the world who are desperate to find food that their kids will enjoy.

    So please line up and share your recipes and listen to the hearty shouts of grateful mothers all around the world.

    In addition to RECIPES If you have some TIPS please put it under a TIPS heading.

    THANK YOU to all the generous people who share their successful recipes!

    PS If an ingredient is a name brand can you let us know what it is as brands are not always known around the world eg Instead of saying add Oreos say add chocolate biscuits.


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