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    Need to revisit this name one last time (promise this it!)

    So we are pretty much down to 2 names on our boy list as most of you know but Angus is sneaking up on us again and we have always dismissed it due to thinking that it's unuseable in the united states. After mentioning it In a previous thread and poll it seems like the majority of people (berries) think it could be useable. This comes after reading old posts saying that it's not. I don't know which way to lean...

    Here a some factors I'm considering:

    -We live in the Midwest,in a farming community. We don't raise cattle however.
    -Hubby's main association is Angus Young, from one of his favorite bands ac/dc.
    -we both love the nick name Gus and I like the sound of Angus, that it's uncommon yet recognized
    -I like that it has an N like the rest of the kids' names: Conrad, Nolan, Juniper & Angus
    -I like that it's decidedly male...whereas the other Gus name on our list is August and is given to girls occasionally
    -and again, we live in the Midwest...I'm scared of what the average person is going to say about the name because of the cows. I can see one of my other boys pulling off Angus but my main concern is if he's going to be made fun of or snickered at about his name.

    Our other two names are Mathias and August. Last name sounds like Castle. Most likely a blonde haired blue eyed child.

    Thanks so much berries...I feel like I'll regret it if I don't get your opinions before its too late...and I'm sorry if anyone's getting tired of my name search I promise its almost over!

    Mom to Conrad, Nolan, Juniper and our newest addition {1.31.13} Beckett Mathias Lou

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    Your argument was convincing...until I saw Mathais. I just love that name!
    Mia, Lydia, Cora
    Corbin, Rocco, Quinn

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    I'm new here so I don't know the background, but it's my opinion that you should go where your heart lies, and if that's with Angus then go for it! Children will always find ways to make fun of another child's name but it won't be a constant thing, it's not like you're naming him Bear or Booboo. Personally I'm not a fan of Gus names at all, but you obviously are and you should go for the one you love the most Good luck, hope you make the right decision

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    I do like the sound of Angus and I agree with @milliemm. If you like the name, then it´s the right one It is a beautiful name and you should go for it. (And I also like the nn Gus.)

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    I didn't even make the beef association.

    I do like Mathias.

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