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    I see Bolton as usable given it fits the place name trend, and Dixon and Bowden fit the surname trend. Not my cup of tea but I could see them on a child, if that makes sense.

    Pity the kid that ended up named Birdseye. I don't know when the frozen food brand was set up but that guy could have suffered a heck of a lot of bullying because of it.

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    I also see Grosvenor on the list, which I hate. I wrote a newspaper article about Grosvenor Atterbury, a famous historical architect, and I couldn't get over how clunky his name was. It feels horrible to say aloud, but perhaps I don't know the correct pronunciation.
    The Gros- bit is said the French way, like grow. Silent S. Venor is said quite quickly, so all together it's a bit like Grove-n'r, or in my London accent, Grove-nuh. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's a fairly well-used road/building name in the posh parts of London.
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    I like all of the following :

    Hatfield, Blakeman, Thayer, Upton, Walden, Bartlett, Carrington, Thurlow, Ossian, Sumner, Rutherford, Atherton, Tilden & Demetrius

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    A lot of surname names

    I love Maitland. It's a city here in Florida and I've always loved the sound but prefer it on a girl
    Carroll ( this one was in there a lot, I didn't realize Carroll was a boys name at one time)
    Ever heard of Carroll O'Connor? Archie Bunker?

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    I like

    If I had to pick one, probably Sumner

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    I like Haven and Walden.
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