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    cristinamariane Guest
    Thinkbabynames lists it as "young deer" from Fawn/Fauna. Babynamespedia lists it as "shining" from the Greek element phaeinos. Either way, I think it's very pretty.

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    The boys' entry for Fane has this explanation for the English "joyous" meanings:

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    I have the book - but haven't read it yet. Faina isn't quite my cup of tea, but I like Eowyn!

    I tried googling Faina and it came up with various meanings like: Young Deer, Shining, Crown, Light, derived from Phaenna (russian) or Stephanos (greek).

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    flick Guest
    I wouldn't really trust a meaning put out by nameberry, just sayin.

    Faina isn't really my thing, but it isn't objectionable, either.

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    missusaytch Guest
    I am with y'all - I'm not sure of the meaning and while I have found Nameberry meanings to be more reliable than most name sites, I find Behind the Name to be the best for meanings.

    Faina pronounced FAY-nuh does have a magical, enchanted forest feel that I really like. And I love that I've never heard it before.

    Also - yes. Eowyn is a LOTR character. Always liked that name but probably a little too much for me to use.

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