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    Saw a new name...

    Was at the bookstore with DH and happened across a book. The title, The Snow Child, caught my eye. I'm all about magical wintry crap.

    I read the description on the back. The book is about a couple who can't have children. They build a child out of snow. The next day the snow child is gone but there is a little girl mysteriously living in the woods. She calls herself Faina.

    I don't remember the rest of the description because I was enchanted by the name Faina. I didn't buy the book because my husband and I are having trouble TTC and I was afraid it might hit a little close to home in regards to that fragile subject. But the name is very pretty to me.

    Nameberry says it's a variant of Faine, "joyous," or Fawn.

    Any thoughts? Just figured I'd share it. I think it's lovely but DH doesn't like it. Figures. :-)

    Oh, the author's name was pretty, too: Eowyn Ivey.
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