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    Middle name suggestions please

    Need middle name suggestions for our top two girl names they are set in stone so not looking for any suggestions as far as first names go I know they are long smush names but that's our style we just need middle names that compliment our choices.



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    I think you'd do best to stick with something short, that doesn't start with a vowel.

    Mariangela Brooke
    Mariangela Claire
    Mariangela Faye
    Mariangela Hope
    Mariangela Kay
    Mariangela Maeve (I like alliteration)
    Mariangela Quinn
    Mariangela Reese
    Mariangela Rose
    Mariangela Ruth
    Mariangela Sloane

    AnnaSophia Beth
    AnnaSophia Blaire
    AnnaSophia Fern
    AnnaSophia Grace
    AnnaSophia Mae
    AnnaSophia Jane
    AnnaSophia Joan
    AnnaSophia Kate
    AnnaSophia Rose
    AnnaSophia Ruth
    AnnaSophia Tess

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    Jean is a family name if I'm going go with something short do you think AnnaSophia Jean sounds cute?
    Mariangela is the tougher of the two for me but its a family name so we are set on it I like Rose but I feel like its kind of a filler middle i want something that flows really well and sounds beautiful. Thank your for your suggestions jesba I like Kate and Hope as an option from your list

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    I think AnnaSophia Jean sounds PERFECT. As for Mariangela, how about:

    Mariangela Mae
    Mariangela Lark
    Mariangela Wren
    Mariangela Raine
    Mariangela Felice
    Mariangela Ciel (see-ELL)
    Mariangela Brielle
    Mariangela Celine
    Mariangela Cadenza
    Mariangela Bellezza
    Mariangela Carina

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    Just for fun immsure I'd have a heck of a time getting Dh to agree what about Mariangela Love it think it rolls off the tongue nicely Dh really doesn't care for middle names at all ( he doesn't have one) so I'm thinking maybe I could get away with it. Would sister AnnaSophia Jean be jealous not to have a middle name that's whimsical like Love?

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