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    Advice on naming #3 please! Quinn, Jack and...???

    My dd is Quinn Madeleine, ds is Jack Everett so both have a 1-3-2 syllable arrangement in their names. I thought either I keep this for #3 or reverse it with Oliver something-single-syllable. Thoughts? We don't know the gender but I feel like I love Maeve and could stick with the syllable thing if we have a girl, but I love Oliver for a boy at the moment. So:

    1) Am I overthinking the syllable thing?

    2) Is Oliver too trendy? Jack and Quinn are pretty popular, so I don't mind that as long as names have staying power, which Oliver does, imo.

    3) Ideas for a mn for Oliver or Maeve are welcome. Or other is early on this debate will be raging for months

    Last time the berries helped me decide on Jack's mn which is perfect!

    Thank you!

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    Quinn, Jack, and Oliver are a great sibset, and Quinn, Jack, and Maeve are great as well.

    I like Oliver Graham.

    The only concern I would have with Maeve is that Maeve is a very feminine name, while Quinn is a unisex name. Your daughter Quinn and potential daughter Maeve may feel at odds with each other because one has a feminine name and one has a unisex name. I think it would be better to give a potential daughter a 3 syllable unisex name with 1 syllable Maeve as the middle, UNLESS Maeve is your absolute favorite, then you should use Maeve.
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    I like the syllable pattern you have but I think its more important to love your child's name, (your going to have to say it a lot). So overall, pick the one you like the most. Don't stress if the name you like is too many syllables.

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    I agree with raqkel that it's worth considering that Quinn is a gender neutral name, while Maeve is quite feminine. Not a reason to rule out Maeve, but it's worth some thought.

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