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    I immediately associated it with Aidric in my head, so I said it with the AY sound. I think most people will get it. Yes, you will have to correct some people, but that's worth it for the name you love, right!? Congratulations on your boy, Adrik is an awesome name. What does it mean? Maybe Man of Adria like Adrian.

    As for being close to Aden, I think you are right to think of your sister. You technically have the right to name your baby whatever you want, but you could potentially stir up some resentment. They are different names, but they are similar. Technically both could go by the nn Adie. I would ask her. Or, if you're afraid she'll say no, mention that's what your considering and watch her reaction. If it seems negative, then you know.
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    Thank you so much, sparrowfinch! Your words are so reassuring to me. I appreciate your opinion as you always have wise advice in the forums.

    In Latin, Adrik means darkness. In Russian, Adrik means of, or related to, the Adriatic Sea. I love the connection to the sea so much. I am a water girl. River is one of my favourite names for a boy or a girl. And Lake is a favourite for a girl. Unfortunately, my more traditional husband would not go for either. But Adrik is beautiful and unique on its own. We may have a winner.

    As for my sister, I agree with you completely and I think that is exactly what I shall do. Thank you for all of your help!
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    I also thought in my head that it would be pronounced with a long AY sound, or hoped it was pronounced that way (far preferable to ah-drik). I agree with sparrowfinch regarding talking to your sister. I assume you are close if you helped her choose her baby's name so it seems worth approaching before you are too wedded to the name.

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    I've never encountered the name Adrik before. From looking at it, I didn't get the pronunciation right (I pronounced it like Ad-rick, which brought up the association of Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys for me).

    I prefer the Aidric spelling. I think that makes the pronunciation more intuitive, and I just prefer is aesthetically. I was feeling sort of skeptical of the name and leaning toward disliking it when I first started reading this thread, but when I saw mischa's post and the Aidric spelling my feelings definitely began to turn around.

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    When my sister in law had her son, she was debating between Aiden and Adrik. I was really hoping she would choose Adrik, but sadly she chose Aiden (She also has a daughter named Ava. Somebody should have bought her the book Beyond Ava and Aiden lol!). Anyway, I love Adrik. It is handsome and underused! I don't think pronunciation will be much of an issue either. I wouldn't worry about that. It is a little close to Aden, but not overly so.

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