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    Thoughts about Adrik James...

    Last month we found out that we are having a boy! (Our first baby.) I was so surprised! I had picked out all girl names. My husband wasn't surprised. Anyway, I am letting him take the lead since it is a boy.

    I chose the middle name which will be James. Our top 5 was set for awhile...

    Liam James
    Walker James
    Wyatt James
    Cole James
    Caleb James

    ...but then my husband threw a wrench in the mix! He did a quick search for "Russian boy names" (he is 50% Russian) and fell in love with the first name he found: ADRIK.

    I really love ADRIK JAMES, but I have some concerns.

    1. The way that we would pronounce it is AY-DRICK. My husband does not like any other spelling options such as Aidrik or Aedrik. So do you think that people may get really confused about the way the name should be pronounced? How would you assume that Adrik would be pronounced?

    2. My sister is due in March and we are due in May. My sister long ago chose her boy's name (with my help!) and it will be ADEN GERARD. So the BIGGEST question is, do you think that ADEN and ADRIK are too close? Do you think that my sister will be offended?

    Thank you all so much for your help. I can't wait to hear what you think of the name and your thoughts about my two concerns!

    EDIT: I forgot to include that our last name is DelloBuono. The other 50% of my husband is Italian. We are not into very traditional Italian names. We did consider his father's name -- Emilio -- and we would call him Leo. But it's out of the Top 5 now.
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