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  • Lavinia Belle

    13 19.12%
  • Gabriella Blair

    5 7.35%
  • Thalassa Pearl

    4 5.88%
  • Lacey Elizabeth

    9 13.24%
  • Leilani Violet

    1 1.47%
  • Scarlett Faye

    11 16.18%
  • Liliana Grace

    12 17.65%
  • Serena Charlotte

    13 19.12%
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    Thanks everyone I appreciate all the feedback it really will help me make the right decision!

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    Scarlett Faye - I really like both names and the combo here. My favorite from your list.
    Liliana Grace - this is a pretty combo.

    Lavinia Belle - I like it, I prefer Livinia mainly because I don't like the "lav" sound--it seems like it would promote a flat pronunciation "LAH-vee-knee-uhh" instead of "liv-in-ee-uh"
    Leilani Violet - okay, I prefer Liliana. What about Lorelei?
    Lacey Elizabeth - I like Lacey, but it's not as elegant as some of your other choices. What about something like Elicia with nn Lacey?
    Thalassa Pearl - Thalassa makes me think "Thalassa-raptor" lol. what about Thessaly?

    Gabriella Blair - not fond of this one. I think it's a bit odd to have every letter in the middle name found in the first. Gwendolyn?

    Serena Charlotte - okay, I like Charlotte. Serena is only so so. Celeste? Cecily?
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    I LOVE Lavinia Belle! So feminine and stunning.

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    I voted for Lacey Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a favorite of mine, and I feel like Lacey needs some love, thanks to another thread that is ongoing.

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    scarlett faye gmv, but also love leilani violet and serena charlotte
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