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    Hadley close in meaning to Erica

    My boyfriend decided that since men can name their sons after them by making them a junior, women should too, so he says when we have kids our first daughter should be Erica Jr. Obviously, I won't go for this. But I did come across an interesting find. My name, Erica means "heather". Heather is too dated, but Hadley means "heathery fields". I probably wouldn't actually use it, or name my child after myself at all, but I think the two related names are an interesting idea. What do you think?
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    I really like your idea of naming through the meaning connection, but in my honest opinion I would suggest you keep looking. I know Hadley is hailed as concurred by the girls and no longer in boy territory, and that may be true, but it still doesn't seem that girly or even pretty IMO. If you are completely set on it, go ahead. Side note: Erica is Latin for Heather, but it is also the English feminine form for Eric which means Always Ruler.
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    I find Erica much prettier and timeless than Hadley. Erica could go by Eri, Rica, Rikki - I don't see why you "obviously" won't go for it. Naming daughters after mothers is as legitimate and traditional as Junior for boys...

    Another scientific name for Erica is Cassiope, which I think is really pretty.

    Erica is also the feminine form of Eric, which means "ever/eternal ruler" - so something like Ever, Everly, or Frederica would be cute as well.
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    I was wondering about the meaning of Erica, lol. I had only really seen the meaning "eternal ruler". I do adore Hadley, though, it may be popular and trendy and unisex, but it sort of has the same vibe as my name to me--laid-back, understated, soft in a slightly feminine way, naturey. If Hadley wasn't so close to Ashley (and I wasn't so against unisex names!), I'd probably consider myself. I think it's cute, and it has some cute nns (Hattie, Addy, even Lela/Leah and Lily/Lili/Leelee).
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    I like the idea, personally I would feel odd naming a daughter after myself as a 'junior' but having our names connected by meaning I think would be sweet. And though Hadley is a little trendy, I know if I'd discovered it before the trend I would've thought it was beautiful
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