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    I have 3 and my eldest is a picky eater. We try to eat as a family, but my other half has started a new job and doesn't always make home in time for our dinner at 5pm. So he reheats his and eats when he gets in.

    I eat with the kids usually. I don't allow my picky son much room to make a big deal. I always make at least one thing I know he'll eat, usually the veg or meat as he's ok with most of those. He doesn't like sauces or things mixed together, but he knows he has to try everything. We also have 'important foods'. Those are meat and veg and you have to make an effort to eat them, usually a bite per year. So if he's ok with something, but doesn't really want to eat it he has to have 6 bites. He has drink his milk. If he wants more of the non-important food like carbs or cheese, etc. then he has to eat all of the food he does like (usually his veg and meat without sauce). That way he doesn't fill on things like rice or bread and butter which he loves until after he eats his main.

    I don't make separate food for anyone, but I will do things like make a bit that doesn't have as much sauce on it for him or give my daughter more carrots from the chilli as she likes them more than the meat. All the kids have different tastes so they tend to prefer different parts of the meal. We don't usually do dessert except sometimes as the weekend. I don't expect them to clear their plates, but do want them to make an effort to fill their tummies. I also often give the children, especially the eldest a chance to pick what we're having for dinner to encourage him to eat more.

    Sometimes dinner is stressful if I try something new and most of them dislike it, but I try to limit new things to once a week and work new meals in slowly.

    My other half helps with bath and bedtime when he gets in.
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    I'm a really picky eater and I know how frustrated my mum can get with me so I just want to applaud all the mummies on here trying to deal with food issues.

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    I have seven kids so life is a bit hectic right now, especially at mealtimes! My eldest is nine and my youngest is one month so I have to try to cater for everyone. Lets just say it doesn't usually work!

    Three of my kids - Matty, Jude and Willow - are pretty good eaters. I think it's because Matty and Jude are slightly older than the rest so they've got more explorative tastes. My second youngest, Roman, is at the stage where he refuses to eat anything I've prepared. It's very frustrating because all attempts at trying to get him to try anything new have failed. It's hard to manage because then he wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. And there's nothing worse than a hungry three-year-old! The twins, Cass and Kit, are okay with their food. They're not very adventurous but they will generally eat whatever I put in front of them.

    In regards to meals, anything along the lines of nuggets and chips is usually a winner! Simple pasta meals always go down a treat too. I find with my kids that the simpler the better when it comes to food. With snacks I generally let them have whatever they want, as long as its sensible. I think allowing them to make their own choices is important to help them develop healthy eating habits. Not too much junk food, mostly healthy snacks. However I don't believe in completely cutting off food like cake, chocolate and crisps because they're going to meet it in the outside world anyway, so it's not really worth the battle.

    Because I homeschool my kids they have lunch at 1pm prompt. School finishes at 4 so then I have about an hour and a half to prepare a meal before my DH Markus comes home from work. We all sit down together and eat as a family as I believe it's important for the kids to bond together as a group. They like to tell their dad all about what they've done in school today and about what they did in swimming practice etc. It's just a great chance for the family to catch up after a long day.

    In my house DH does help with the bedtime routine (it's pretty hard to do seven on your own!). Generally bath time starts around seven and we just work from there. He'll bathe and I'll get them settled into bed. We always start with the youngest and work upwards. The eldest, Matty, usually gets to bed about half eight. After that it's mom and dad time!
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    Thank you again ladies for your helpful advice.

    bellalulamum I agree having dinner together as a family is a great idea although we recognise that Dad may not always be able to be there for the meal.

    Tacos were a great hit with our little picky eater on Saturday night and again when the leftover savoury mince the next day, and wonder of wonders she slept all night!

    downtowngirl I agree give them lots of choices and try to persuade them to eat some of everything.

    malk thanks for all the ideas. It is so hard to get their little tummies filled if they are not good eaters. I like your 'bite per year' idea too. Milk was a great favourite till Chloe got a sore throat since then not so keen on milk. I suggested to DD to try soy milk as she may have a slight lactose intolerance.

    whirlygig I agree all the mothers with children who do not like food much are endlessly trying to find the 'key' to getting them to eat. Maybe it is just a matter of time?

    jazzyfish Like so many others pasta seems to be an everlasting favourite as are chicken nuggets but the last time I was talking to DD she said the girls did not like the crumbs on the nuggets because they thought because the nuggets were brown that meant burnt (which of course they weren't). Do you have a crumb free nugget recipe?

    Much appreciated feedback and still looking for some fail safe recipes.


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    Dinner time at our house is definitely an exercise in patience. Both of our kids are at a stage where they love to play with their food and sticking their silverware in their cups has become a particular fascination of late. And I hate having to sweep/ mop the floor so many times a day.

    As for the actual consumption of food... one of my boys is a great eater in that he just loves food. There are things he likes better than others but he loves eating and will not generally raise a fuss about what is on his plate. His twin on the other hand used to be a pretty good eater too but lately has been just playing with his food (at dinner- school says he eats fine). I try to not fight with him to much over it because I don't want to force feed him, but if he avoids dinner for a couple of days in a row it is hard not to get worried. However, I've read that rather than thinking of intake meal by meal it is better to consider overall intake over a three day period. We have found that feeding him from our plates can sometimes help, as does letting him eat off of "grown-up" plates with "grown-up" silverware. We also think he might not be hungry at dinnertime sometimes. Tonight for example we let him down from the table and he came back in to the kitchen after 45 minutes and asked for dinner. Sort of a pain to feed him later, but at this point I'm just happy he is eating.

    Yes, we all eat together. My husband has to go in to work by 6:30 in the morning to make it home in time because my kids demand food by about 4:30 or 4:45, but we both think it is important to establish the routine of eating dinner as a family. For a while when they were younger we would sometimes prepare two meals and eat ours after they went to bed because we physically couldn't get our food down fast enough to eat before they needed to sleep, but that is not very common anymore. We have been talking about getting a tiny bit more flexible here so that on occasion one of us can miss dinner for something important (like working late in the event that one of the boys was sick so we split the day home with him), but I don't think it has ever actually happened.

    We both put the boys to bed and have since day one. Tandem brestfeeding twins was hard on my own so he was up for every feeding and was always there at bedtime (I can think of only two exceptions). It sort of became a habit. Again we have been thinking about taking turns or allowing each of us some leeway there, but we haven't actually acted on it yet.

    In our family we definitely split the chores as evenly as possible. I dislike cooking but my schedule is more flexible and I can work from home (or close to home on the days I have to go in) so it works our best for me to do the cooking during the afternoon. To make up for this he does the chores in the evening after dinner- cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the diapers, doing laundry.

    I wish your daughter the best of luck with her difficulties.
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