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    Mothers do you find meal times a trial? How do you survive them?

    Especially the main meal of the day which is of course at night either before or after your kids are bathed and just before going to bed.

    If your kids are picky eaters then meal time must be a nightmare. I think I would get very impatient with them not eating what I had prepared. So how does one survive this time of life?

    Do you all eat together as a family (including your DH)? If not why not?

    Or do you prepare two evening meals because DH is not home to eat with the children.

    Do you often miss out on an evening meal? If so why? I can imagine mother saying I just don't have enough energy to cook a meal for DH and I at 8pm after the kids are in bed.

    Does your DH help with getting the children to bed/reading to them/and or helping with the cooking?

    My daughter has two picky eaters and the patience of a saint. Please tell us your story.


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