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    Thanks guys. I know I have to stop telling them, but the problem is we've already made the mistake - Tyne was the first name we loved and we told them, and they hate it. Now every name I come up with is an attempt to find a compromise and not one I truly want, so the damage to the name I want to use is already done and has been from the start.

    I hate the idea of a popular name and I'm not a fan of using longer names just to shorten it, and I know that no compromise would work with my mother anyway - she won't like anything unless its been her suggestion, I've figured that much out now.
    And I despise all of her suggestions - plus even if I didn't, why should I compromise?! :/

    Kungfualex - Tyne Daly is a barely-remembered has been from Cagney & Lacey so its not considered a feminine name just because of the association with her because that association barely exists - its not really considered a name at all, there were only 3 children registered with the name here last year - its very unusual which is why I like it.
    I refrained from saying what my mothers problem with the name is incase it offends anybody, so lets be clear these are HER words and her opinion not mine - but she says Tyne is a "Black name". And apparently that's a negative thing for her. So this is what we're dealing with here

    Her suggestions to me are names like Harley & Brettany which to me just sound chavy and not at all the kind of style I want.
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