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Thread: Name depression

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    Name depression

    I need to whine

    The name situation is really bringing me down. I'm sick of my parents forcing their suggestions onto me and criticizing mine & OH's ideas - I KNOW I shouldn't tell them any thoughts but I'm the kind of person who just needs approval, especially from my parents, I can't help it. But I never get anything but negative feedback.

    Yesterday my Dad actually said to me "We've got a stake in this baby too you know. Its a third yours, a third Jons and two 6ths mine and your mums!"....My response of "Oh right, well I'll meet you in the delivery room when you're giving birth to it too then, shall I?!" just made him laugh but SERIOUSLY?!

    I know its just a name, but naming is one of the main things I've always looked forward to about having a baby and its been completely ruined for me.

    My mum told me the name we like best is horrible, and actually said "Your sisters kids have names that we feel proud calling out in public, I'll feel ashamed shouting out Tyne in public". I mean...WTF kind of thing is THAT to say to someone, let alone someone pregnant and emotional!?

    I suggested a new name today, one that is VERY similar to one they have been suggesting to me (Caian instead of their suggestion of Kian which is too popular for me) - and still, they just criticized.

    I have come to the conclusion that they will not like ANY name unless it is one that THEY have come up with.

    So I guess I have to just suck it up and go with the name that my partner & I have loved from the very start (Tyne), but it breaks my heart to hear it berated so much - I know I need to grow a thicker skin, but I just hate the idea of them so passionately hating my poor little babies name :/
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    I have a people pleasing tendency too. I also have a family who tends to think it's all about them! Let's just say planning my wedding was a nightmare & leave it at that!

    I'm sensitive and when my grandmother would insult a name that I loved I would think it was ruined somehow

    By month 5 I refused to talk names & names became infinitely more fun! It was my husband & I bonding & it was great. I asked a few friends who I kind of knew would be "yes people" and drove my family nuts by refusing to talk names

    My advice is that they've had their fun & had their input & it's time to let them know their place in naming your child

    I'm so glad i did. Once Leonie was born they all denied ever disliking the name to begin with. I guess she made it beautiful to them!

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    I'm sorry they're treating you this way. You are the parent. They can have their opinions, but they had their chance to do whatever naming they wanted to do. And loving a child as a grandparent is not the same as being the responsible caregiver--dividing up claims on the baby seems very distasteful to me. Honestly, I would probably get pretty defensive. I know being ashamed to call a name in public isn't the same as being ashamed of the child, but I'm sure that's what it feels like. I don't know how to advise you to address this, as just hearing about it has my temper flaring and I'm sure in the same situation I'd probably say something that made things very uncomfortable. Ultimately, though, you can put whatever name you want down for your baby, and they can't do anything about it. They can have a bad attitude about it, of course, but you're going to be with your child, using the name daily, so to me that trumps pleasing their tastes.

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    You really need to stop telling your parents your choices. I know thats easier said than done, but you do NOT want to be put in my shoes! My mom made nasty comments all the time about my choice, so I changed it and my son is now going to be turning 4 in a couple months and I STILL regret his name!

    This is NOT their child, they do NOT have a stake in it what-so-ever and that's awfully presumptuous of them to say! I would be royally P O'd. YOU are the parent! You need to stand up for yourself and take back your pregnancy!

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    I definitely agree with the others, don't share your name choices. I can understand that it'll be hard because you want their approval, but I think it's safe to say at this point that you won't get it.

    Unless you're willing to compromise on the name, and pick one that will please your parents and you, I suggest you drop it all together. Especially since it's making you so unhappy! The mother's emotional state is so important during pregnancy I've found and heard.

    I think the naming process should be between you, your baby's father ultimately. No one else. Use it as bonding time with your husband, and not with everyone else.

    If you really want input, have everyone make a list of their top 5 names, and say you want ideas. Then leave it at that, be firm in that you won't announce the name until after your baby is born. Also, technically your father only has 1/8th of the baby...the paternal grandparents weren't factored in.
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