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    Cool ***HELP! What do you picture when you hear these...(Final)***

    I'm almost decide my name list.
    I saw a really good post here a moment ago, and that remind me some questian.
    So lastly, I hope to get your feedback about...this-

    When you hear these name, what do you picture? What's your impression?
    Please describe in great detail a girl named...


    Thanks. I really grateful to you for your kindness!
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    Lilia - Sheek and smart woman.
    Willa - can only get a job as a bus driver after flunking out of school due to the stressful bullying of other children yelling "Willa Wonka!" every time they saw her.
    Diana - Princess Diana. or, a girl who experiments with drugs in high school.
    Serena - elite, high class, well adjusted
    Rosalie - sweet caring soul
    Maeve - spunky and fun to be around
    Celeste - her head is in the clouds, but she's a lot of fun

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    Serena sweet & hippie-ish & well...serene
    Willa willowy & ballerina-esque. Graceful but remote
    Lilia a girl who says'not Lila. No, not Lilly...' way too often
    Rosalie a girl whose mom loves Twilight
    Celeste spacey but sweet & nurturing
    Maeve hipstery
    Rilian kind of hard & cigarette smoking
    Diana really down to earth & gorgeous. Sweet but strong

    Thanks. I really grateful to you for your kindness![/QUOTE]

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    Serena - It's pretty but not really my taste. I first think of Blake Lively's character on Gossip Girl
    Willa - Eh, not for me.
    Lilia - Very pretty. A nice alternative to Lily
    Rosalie - Very pretty. Though there is the Twilight connection
    Celeste - I love Celeste. Such a underused name.
    Maeve - Not really my style.
    Rilian - Kind of looks made up to me.
    Diana - Very classic. Of course there's the Princess Diana connections.

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    Serena- Williams, as in the tennis player.
    Willa- strong yet soft, strongly associate it with the writer, Willa Cather.
    Lilia- young girl, probably five. Very trendy.
    Rosalie- sweet, but still reminds me of Twilight.
    Celeste- nice enough
    Maeve- hipster feel but very nice.
    Rilian- feels made up, makes me think of rittalin.
    Diana- classic and sweet, with a hint of romance.

    My favorites from your list are Willa, Rosalie, Maeve, and Diana

    Ones I would cut are Lilia, Rillian, and Serena

    Hope that helps!

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