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    First of all, nicknames you won't really be able to control. If you name her Susannah and insist everyone call her that, it isn't gonna necessarily stop your daughter HERSELF wanting to be called Susie. Or Suse...or any other nickname. So keep that in mind.

    Anyway, I do like Vivian. I think it's cute and vintage sounding. I prefer the "Vivien" spelling myself. Juliana/Julia is also pretty. Louisa is not my style. Susannah I do like. Claire is very pretty and I can't think of any possible nicknames for that. Daphne is nice, but not really my style. Beatrix I don't really care for. I like the "Beatrice" spelling. Agnes is too old ladyish for me. Fiona is super cute. Oona is horrible, sorry. Bette is too old ladyish for me.

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    Hi - I'm Greek as well! Love Marilena, btw! Of your list I really like Juliana (popular saint name) - the name has such a great history yet remains fresh/modern in America's society. I also think Daphne would go wonderfully with Marilena - it was on our list too but hubby wasn't feeling it so it's no longer on our list. I also like Tess (Tessa, or Contessa) with Marilena. You could also go with the traditional Irene or popular Alexis.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we have narrowed the names down to Calista/ Calixta, Alexa/Alexandra or Vivien. Any more thoughts or suggestions? My husband would love to have an 'x' in this girls name... but I prefer the Calista spelling to Calixta.
    Thanks again, Katrina

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    I love Marilena and I love the family connection. I agree with pp and don't think any of your current names are near as special.
    I think it would be great for you to consider names that have equal tie to your family as Marilena's name does! (I know if I were the little sister I'd feel left out).

    From your current list I like: Calista, and Alexandra.
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