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  • Remy

    14 19.72%
  • Dexter

    18 25.35%
  • Rufus

    12 16.90%
  • Bryson

    5 7.04%
  • Brody

    22 30.99%
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    A Brother for Archer

    Please help us choose the name for Archer's Brother we are debating between these options:

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    Brody fits the best stylistically.

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    I'm going to have to disagree and say that Dexter seems like the best choice, both being occupational, quirky names. Good luck! =]

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    I think Brody would be perfect with Archer. Such a cool name! Please don't use Rufus!

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    I was torn between Remy and Brody, but voted for Remy since I think it's such a cool name.

    I would strike Rufus from the list because I really, really don't think it's wearable, especially not with a brother called Archer. Archer is a fairly trendy modern surname whereas Rufus is old, fusty and the name of several cartoon animals. I think Rufus would be very, very jealous of his brother Archer.

    I would strike Dexter due to the shared -er ending.

    Bryson, unless it's a family name, seems fairly insubstantial. Like you wanted Bryce but didn't want a monosyllabic name.

    Brody on the other hand is fun and hip, with a little Irish twang. It suits a brother named Archer very well-- not matchy, but similar in cool factor. Remy is even cooler.
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