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    Just Can't Keep It Below 6!

    I'm hoping for more comments and thoughts on these 6 names. They are the only six names I can't bring myself to cut from our list.
    (I even created a little game to help me cut out some of our other options. We made tournament style brackets and had several head to head tournaments to determine which names beat out other names in one-on-one cutthroat reflection. Names that kept making it into the final 4/6/8 were kept, the rest were tossed aside.)

    Amias (Latin = loved)(pronounced: uh-MY-us)
    Caius (Latin = to rejoice)
    Caian (Welsh variation of Caius)(pronounced: KYE-un)
    Emrys (Welsh variation of (Greek) Ambrose = immortal)(pronounced: em-riss)
    Zamir (Hebrew= nightingale (also possibly 'intelligent ruler'); Arabic/Urdu= thought; conscious; Albanian= good voice)(pronounced: zah-MEER)
    Evander (Greek= good man; possibly also Gaelic= archer)

    We're also still keeping around a few others as just-in-case names that have the potential to be ones that grow on us more over time, but it's very very likely the name will be one of the 6 above.

    Any comments (the more in depth the better) are greatly appreciated! Sorry for the repeats for anyone who has commented on any of my lists before, but it's just so hard for us to pin down which one is more perfect than the others, and comments are always helpful in our process.

    Our first son's name is Rayhan Rees Luckie (Rayhan = "the dawning of a good sign" in Chinese, "favored by God" in Arabic, "sweet basil" in Persian and "flower of paradise" in Sanskrit)(Rees= a spelling variation of Rhys used in my family for many generations)(Luckie= our last name).

    The MN for the second boy would likely either be Edward or Brandt (both have family significance), with the possibility of Charles, Bernard or James (also have family significance, but have been used for some of my cousin's kids MNs already, whereas Edward and Brandt haven't).
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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    Javad, you have the BEST taste in names! Needed to be said...

    Amias . I love this name. It's beautiful, sweet, and very friendly. It's medieval which is cool. Amyas is a squire (low ranked) in The Faerie Queene.
    Caius - Happy name! I prefer the original Gaius, but can see that Caius is easier to wear. Common praenomen in ancient Rome belonging to both Julius & Augustus Caesar. I think it's a lovely name with tons of history tied to it.
    Caian - It's nice, but Caius is way cooler.
    Emrys - I like Emrys very much, was on our list. I love the meaning of the name, it's easy to spell and to pronounce. It's one of those names you really want to say out loud!
    Zamir - This is really handsome. I love nightingales, so bonus for me. And it's quite different from the other names on your list.
    Evander - I LOVE Evander. The son of Hermes, who traveled from Arcadia to Italy before Aeneas did, and founded the city Pallantium, said to have been where Palentine Hill is. He brought the Greek pantheon and alphabet and laws. It's similar enough to Alexander, Leander, Sander and so on to be recognizable. I also think Evander & Rayhan sounds magnificent together. Clear winner!

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    Amias- don't care for, will be mispronounced too often
    Caius- Like very much, very strong and masculine
    Caian- agree that Caius is better, here there will be mispronunciation
    Emrys- way too girly
    Zamir- it could grown on you
    Evander- Like the most. Easy to pronounce phonetically, strong but with a literary hint that makes the kid sound smart

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    I would take Caian off the list. Caian's charm would be lost in a sea of boys with similar names, whereas Amias, Caius, Emrys, Zamir, and Evander are all handsome, standout choices. I also agree that Caius is, well, just so much cooler than Caian.

    Amias is on my personal list, so of course I'm partial to that one. Given your son's name Rayhan, I think that Emrys or Zamir would be the best fit. Emrys and Zamir both have that same type of international, hero of a fantasy series feel to them (if that makes any sense). As for middle names, I like Emrys Bernard or Zamir Charles. Zamir Edward appeals too.

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    Evander Brandt is super cool. I love the meaning of Evander. My second choice would be Amias. I think it would be a special meaning to give to your child.
    Good luck,

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