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    Anoushka vs Anouk

    I'm curious as to your thoughts on both these names, and of the two which would you pick?
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    I'm torn. I love the softness of Anoushka. It just rolls of the tongue. But I do love the brevity of Anouk. It's a very strong sounding name. So, I feel like in the end I'd pick Anoushka because I am a sucker for soft, longer names. Both are nice though!
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    I personally like Anouk. I think it sounds soft but strong. Anouksha is too much, IMO.

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    I prefer Anouk.

    I love the sound of Anoushka, but I can't quite picture it as a full name on it's own, just a nickname or pet name.

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    Anouk seems like it would be an easier to name to have. Anoushka might be a tad too different.

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